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The English Governess

John Glassco ↠ 6 read

A classic of Canadian erotica this is the original restored edition of the flagellation story Glassco crafted for the notorious Paris publisher Maurice Girodias and his Olympia PressJohn Glassco 1909 1981 came from an established Montréal family and lived the better part of his life near the village of Foster in.

free read The English Governess

L’s AwardMichael Gnorowski who introduces The English Governess knew Glassco for many years He has recently published a new edition of Glassco’s Selected Poems with notes and an introduction 1997 and edited Glassco’s Memoirs of Montparnasse with an introduction and annotation for Oxford University Press 1995.

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The Eastern Townships of uebec He was a distinguished poet novelist essayist and translator the Glassco prize for translation was named after him His works include the widely acclaimed Memoirs of Montparnasse 1970 A Point of Sky 1964 The Fatal Woman 1974 and Selected Poems 1971 for which he won the Governor Genera.

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