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Colonel Neil Mattox and his love Chon Li Su are trapped in Pyongyang North Korea awaiting the destruction of the city by the United States A B 2 bomber will deliver a nuclear weapon which will vaporize the city and all who remain in it The US and South Korea have joined forces developed and delivered a biological agent which will lower crop yields in an attempt to starve North Korea into submission The North Koreans have discovered this secret and in revenge have detonated a nuclear weapon on US soil The US in turn has vowed to destroy Pyo.

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Ngyang the same way with a nuclear weapon When North Korea takes hostages to prevent the destruction of Pyongyang Col Neil Mattox leads a rescue team composed of Army Rangers Recon Marines Navy Seals a CIA paramilitary group and the UK's Special Air Service into Pyongyang to evacuate the hostages In Pyongyang Mattox discovers a hospital full of people including over five hundred children too sick to move the US will vaporize them along with the city if the attack is carried out He also discovers a long lost love Chon Li Su once a Korean CI.

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A agent sent into the North to distribute the biological agent causing famine who had elected to stay in the North to somehow make up for what the US and South Korea had done to cause the starvation in the North Mattox also finds their son who he never knew existed Mattox is determined to stay with his love and their son while they and the rest of the allied forces desperately struggle to evacuate the sick Koreans from the doomed city The allied forces finally come up with a plan which will sacrifice themselves to save their enemy's childr.

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