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S the FBI had ever witnessed Then in 2016 Ammon Bundy one of Cliven’s 13 children led a 41 day armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in OregonThose events and the subseuent shootings arrests and trials captured headlines but they’re just part of a story that has never been fully toldJohn Temple award winning journalist and author of American Pain gives readers an unprecedented and objective look at the real people and families at the heart of this highly publicized standoff Eye opening and instantly gripping Up in Arms offers a propulsive and thoroughly researched narrative populated by rifle toting cowboys apocalyptic militiamen undercover infiltrators and the devout and charismatic Bundys themselves In its main storyline the book chronicles Ammon Bundy’s transformat I’m basically in

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“IT’S TIME They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys Range War begins tomorrow at Bundy Ranch”These words pounded out on a laptop at Cliven Bundy’s besieged Nevada ranch on April 6 2014 ignited a new American revolution Across the country a certain type of citizen snapped to attention This was the flashpoint the they’d been waiting for a chance to help a fellow American stand up to a tyrannical and corrupt federal governmentUp in Arms chronicles how an isolated clan of desert dwelling Mormons became the guiding light and then the outright leaders of America’s Patriot movement The nation was riveted in 2014 when hundreds of armed Bundy supporters forced federal agents to abandon a court ordered cattle roundup in the largest gathering of government loathing organization I really didn’t

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Ion from successful Phoenix businessman to the leader of an armed insurgencyIn engrossing and plainspoken prose Temple uses the Bundy family’s story to illuminate the rise of the Patriot militia movement in America A seasoned investigative reporter Temple embedded himself in a corner of the West where many citizens believe they’re treated like colonial subjects not full fledged Americans Neither mainstream nor conservative media outlets have contextualized the religious political environmental and economic factors decades in the making that set the stage for these events Up In Arms presents the Bundys and their supporters as they truly are neither violent criminals nor folk heroes but a diverse collection of American rebels who believe government overreach justifies the taking up of arm This was a very in

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    Became the guiding light? Who the heck are you kidding? They ravaged an ancient Native American depository Tossed them around like skittles All those barstards cared about was what can we get That's it They rented land Not free land Government owned let your livestock graze and pay a minimal fee Minimal Take it to your own land and try to pay for their feed and you'll go broke See I may be a democrat but that minimal fee you should be paying goes back into land development and resources Where the Bundys messes up though in my eyes were their willful disregard of everyone but themselves I'd have been pleased to see the FBI go in a shoot all the Bastard up Really FBI? You definitely screwed up Ruby RidgeI lived 3 miles down the highway back then but you give these jackasses a pass? Also boo America's Patriot Movement sounds grand doesn't it? It's not Racist hateful sob's who don't want to pay anything Let's send them to a Chinese reeducation camp Boo and hiss to this book

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    I really didn’t expect to like this book but I was drawn into it and read it right through It’s uite a saga about a ranch family in Nevada that’s been on the land for generations and gets into a dispute with the Bureau of Land Management BLM over their cattle being on protected land as it has been forever It turns out that 80% of Nevada at that time controlled by the government either part of a park or under BLM Hard to believe It gets pretty involved so I won’t go into the particulars but it becomes a very heated situation when the BLM decides to show up to take the whole herd They bring an entire command center and all kinds of agents and euipment trucks mobile pens this is a multi million project here just to grab farmer Bundy’s cattleCliven Bundy reaches out to his large family first and they all show up to circle the wagons and then they put out the word on their ranch website The word gets out and Cliven gets a call from a man who started a small militia to help people in his situation and Cliven was asked if he wanted their help He agreed after his son was roughed up and arrested So the militia put out the word and other groups passed it on People from all over began leaving their homes and going by any means they could heading for the Bundy ranch You can see the buildup and problems coming alreadyI found it to be a well researched book and I enjoyed the writing It certainly kept my interest all the way through This is a good book for those that enjoy David and Goliath stories about people with a beef against the government I liked the aspect of friends and neighbors who came together to help one another in a time of need though I’m sure there will be those who feel that Bundy was in the wrong I just enjoyed the book My thanks for the advance electronic copy that was provided by NetGalley author John Temple and the publisher for my fair reviewMy BookZone blog

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    Obviously I have a personal connection to this book but even if you don't I believe the meticulous reporting and expert storytelling will blow you away Consider this early review by Anthony Swofford bestselling author of Jarhead A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles “With Up in Arms John Temple delivers another fierce and searching portrait of an American sub culture His last book American Pain opened up the vault on painkiller pill mills delivering a prescient harbinger of the opioid crisis Now his new and piercing look at the Bundy clan and the wider Patriot militia culture is a must read for anyone trying to understand the continuing schism between rural and urban America” So yeah what he said

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    An excellent examination of the Sagebrush Rebellion that is occurring today in the western United States The author tells the story through the eyes of the Bundy family ranchers in NevadaSome ranchersfarmerscitizens of the western states are rebelling against the fact that the US Government owns a huge portion of the land in these states For example in Nevada the Federal Government owns 85% of the land The land is controlled by various National Parks National monuments Wilderness areas and by the Bureau of Land Management BLMThe problem as the ranchers see it is that they cannot utilize the land as they want for grazing cattle The government's position is that the land should be managed to prevent overgrazing and overuse of the available water To add fuel to the fire the government further limited land usage when it was discovered that certain rare plants and animals were on the land and wanted to ensure their survival Creatures like the desert tortoise Nevada the spotted owl Oregon and the Snake River salmon WashingtonTo add to the conflict many Patriot groups have joined with the ranchers to fight the government Some of these groups were civilian paramilitary outfits like the Militia of Montana and the Michigan Militia These groups believe that Americans are losing control over the government to globalist forces Life was changing and they felt not for the better By joining these groups of like minded people and arming themselves they felt like it was a way to regain control and to be part of something important These groups have been around a long time For example the John Birch Society in the 1950's and the Posse Comitatus in the 1970's Enter Cliven Bundy Bundy was a Nevada rancher who grazed his cattle on his land as well as on BLM land Which was allowed as long as he followed BLM rules and paid for the usage of the land Bundy strongly felt that the Federal government had no say over the use of the land and that the proper authorities should be county government Bundy stopped paying his BLM rental fees This went on for years with the fees and the nonpayment fines growing and growing Finally the BLM told Bundy that he had to remove his cattle from their lands Bundy came up with the conclusion that the federal government was not allowed to own any land He believed the Constitution was clear in this fact specifically settling on a passage called the Enclave Clause However the courts all the way up through the Supreme Court did not agree Things were building to a head Bundy would not budge in his beliefs Also the Patriot groups were growing due to the election of Barack Obama as President Before Obama's election there were 148 Patriot groups in operation In 2012 there were 1360And then along came Alex Jones the voice behind Infowars an ultra conservative radio show Jones took up Bundy's cause He said that the Federal authorities were trying to instigate a confrontation with Bundy With the result being Federal agents being killed in the confrontation which would then allow Obama to declare martial law and bring in UN troops to run the US His words caused the Patriot members to flock to Bundy's ranch to protect him There were hundreds of people camped out at the Bundy ranch to protect him and his cattle Bundy began believing that he was the person chosen by God to save the United States from destruction He surrounded himself with the Patriot group members using them as bodyguards against the Feds He was further encouraged by statements from US Senator's Dean Heller and Ted Cruz Cruz actually blamed Obama The BLM then made a major miscalculation It sent a man named Dan Love to resolve the situation Love conducted a militaristic round up of the Bundy's cattle from the BLM land Overly aggressive macho sexist and tone deaf to common sense Love triggered a armed standoff between the outnumbered BLM agents and the Bundy group With the result being the BLM backed down The book does an excellent job of describing the tense standoff Then Bundy himself made some real bone headed mistakes He made some very racist remarks to the media Which resulted in people turning against him and his crusade It was a real mess Things settled down for awhile Then came the next case to become the Patriot's cause Dwight and Steven Hammond were ranchers in Oregon They came under the BLM's gaze for starting fires and poaching deer The Patriot's and the Bundy's rallied to their defense The result being another armed standoff This one after the Patriot's took over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge offices in Oregon Cliven Bundy's son Ammon became a leader in this standoff Ammon must have had some real mental problems He thought that God was working through him to accomplish His purposes so that Americans would have something to pass onto their children The Malheur occupation did not become as big a cause as the Bundy ranch occupation Only about 40 people were occupying the refuge The government had learned since the Bundy ranch debacle It took a hands off policy It settled in for a long siege the results being that the occupiers eventually gave upThen came all the court cases The Federal prosecution team decided that they could not use a lot of the evidence they had obtained as it was poisoned by the conduct of the BLM agent Dan Love The presiding Judge found out about this evidence let the defense use it The end results I will leave untold as it would spoil the book for the reader I do like one of the statements at the end of the book It sums up the situation then as well as today's current news Paranoia and anger are contagious and when they're fed by misinformation and misguided emotional appeals everybody loses That should be the advice we all could use todayAn excellent book I highly recommend to everyone

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    I’m basically in the worst reading slump of recent memory thanks a lot 80 hour work weeks So I’m setting this aside for hopefully another day when I’ll pick it back up and feel the same spark I felt in the beginning Thanks to Edelweiss and BenBella books for the drc

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    This fascinating read that raises serious uestions about America A true story involving Tasers hand guns rifles medieval broad swords Cowboys and Youtubers spies and double agents and murder A car chase in a National Park gun fights and roadside press conferences surveillance helicopters ATV's and pickup trucks Who are these people who turned back the government with force and walked free in court? How could this happen? There is so much behind the “armed trespasser” narrative that defined this story in the headlines Temple was the perfect author to flesh it all out John Temple’s last project examined the opioid crisis parallel to the story of a pain clinic in Fort Lauderdale called American Pain That story centered around a clinic ran by a stripper a few wanna be gangsters shady doctors and the byproducts junkies and lots of money It is a rock and roll crime tale in the fast lane fit for the big screen The story is rich in detail Italian sports cars interwoven with cold facts of the pharmaceutical industry and Big Pharma’s influence on our government and culture in general The timing was right and recent victories in court and the public opinion have validated the main points of Temple’s last work While written in a similar style Up in Arms is complex American Pain’s focal points and overlying message are obvious most readers will not feel emotional connection to the main characters but all agree that the opioid crisis is simply put just thatUp in Arms is different The reader may or may not truly love or hate Ammon Bundy or Levoy Finnicum The reader may or may not believe in the mission of government conservation projects Getting deeper to what the message of what Up in Arms is really about at a macro level is something different for everyone; what does being American actually mean? You have to read the book yourself and then decide There is no right or wrong answerTemple does a masterful job painting the picture of exactly what happened during a handful of events that took place in Nevada Oregon and elsewhere throughout the past decade These events which garnered selective national attention are part of a long running series of conflicts known collectively as the “Range Wars” People of all types of backgrounds and views will enjoy this book and learn something from it It tells the story of a little known part of our American history that is and will always be ongoingMy biggest critiue of this work is also a testament to its strength as a piece of literature I still don’t know where the author stands on these issues politically or morally The Ruby Ridge and Waco incidents are glossed over; however library shelves are filled with books and documentaries about these topics Examining them would have detracted from the readability of Up in Arms Hopefully some readers of Up in Arms will be inspired to dig a little deeper into these events and try to understand why some men and women decided they would rather die than let the Bureau of Land Management remove the Bundy cattle Some have compared Temple's writing style to Hiaasen which I think is a fair comparison in terms of the presentation of the story lines But the topic mood and identity of this work are uniue to John Temple He writes about real life suspense emotion life and death while simultaneously examining one of the hot button topics of this generation Temple is able to do so while maintaining virtually invisible not once injecting his opinion or perceptions Overall I would say the work is like that of a sober Hunter Thompson except Hunter would have written the story through his own eyes with Hunter as a main character Temple puts you there by yourself and leaves you wondering what he thinks and probably what you think as well

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    This was a very interesting book to read I kept shaking my head in disbelief of some of the things I read We truly live in a very crazy world now

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    I approach news stories about militia movements survivalists and sovereign citizens with the same fascination some people have for cults I was too young to be consciously aware of Ruby Ridge Waco and the Oklahoma City Bombing but I knew enough for those names to infuse me with nameless dread well before I found out what they actually meant They hold a uniuely 90s sort of grunge dystopia so when in 2014 some rancher who didn't want to pay his due held the nation breathless and those familiar dreaded names were whispered in the background I was hooked This is why I was so interested when I read the description of this book I suppose the words outfoxed and ignited in the subtitle should have tipped me off that this book would have a much generous view to the Bundys than I will ever have In the opening chapters of Up In Arms Temple paints a dramatically vague portrait of the people surrounding the Bundys that while not in the strict editorial sense left me with an overwhelming impression of passive voiced language Bad things happened the text seems to say around which the Bundys were present Few knew each other before April 2014 Some like Eric Parker and LaVoy Finicum stayed for a few hours Others like Booda Cavalier remained for days weeks months Some carried secrets that they didn’t want their new compatriots to discover and some told lies They’d all lived their lives mostly outside the spotlight mostly on the margins of society Before long one by one they would all become renowned or notorious members of the movement Before long several would be locked up and three would be deadAs a narrative framing device I have to admit this passage works excellently However perhaps in an attempt to remain neutral the text never really loses this sense of conseuences being disconnected from the actions taken directly by the Bundys Maybe it's just that the book is one very long assemblage of facts that Temple has no message and the narrative he attempts to frame the book with in the absence of one simply lends itself to that interpretation but the Bundys come off as the purest distillation of an archetype rather than just being parodies of themselves That leaves insightful statements like the following to just kind of dangle there on their own disconnected from any context relating to the Bundys Paranoia and anger are contagious and when they’re fed by misinformation and misguided emotional appeals everybody loses

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    I have to admit when I first heard of the topic of this book I wasn't very excited Nothing about this screamed something I wanted to read But when I saw that John Temple had written it I thought it was worth a chance His past books have always been so well researched engaging and frankly very eye opening to parts of our world that I knew about but didn't really KNOW Sticking with his knack for the written word this story grabbed me just a few pages in and kept my attention throughout I strongly recommend you give this one a try even if you are on the fence You won't regret it

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    An Inside Look at Issues Behind the NewsI had read a little about the Bundy family and the Patriot Militia Movement in the newspaper before reading UP IN ARMS but knew few details or background John Temple is a storyteller and pulls the reader into the drama and lives of the key people in these stories Like any reader I tested this book with a chapter or two Temple’s excellent writing pulled me into the book and I was hooked—and read to the end of the book In the back of the book Temple documents his sources of information and his journalistic skills I enjoyed UP IN ARMS and recommend itW Terry Whalin is an editor the author of than 60 books Straight Talk From the Editor

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