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Oxygen By John B. Olson


Ion awayHalfway to the Red Planet an explosion leaves the crew with only enough oxygen for one All evidence points to sabotage and Valkerie and Bob are the obvious suspectsOxygen is a witty multi award winning roller coaster ride with a plot that moves at the speed of lightThe authors had hoped to work in some cool controversy on science faith the meaning of life the existence of God and possibly even the Coke versus Pepsi debate but they were having so muc. A while ago I took advantage of a cheap Kindle download of John B Olson and Randy Ingermanson's 2001 novel Oxygen though I'm not a fan of its genre near future scientific thriller I wanted to see if Snowflake guru Ingermanson could actually write fiction and was attracted by the Bonus Goodies For Aspiring Authors included in this editionThe story is about a space mission to Mars We meet the characters—the astronauts— when they are in training before the mission launches The main male character Bob is outwardly self assured but inwardly fearful that he will be axed from the mission The main female character scientist medical doctor and resourceful woman extraordinaire Valkerie joins the crew late bumping Josh to the consternation of some Kennedy and Lex the other male and female astronauts are mysterious and sometimes appear sinister—all the because they are not point of view characters and we don't know their motivations Characters are well developed believable and to varying degrees sympatheticOn launch day we experience the bone shaking liftoff through Valkerie's consciousness and the various mishaps that follow through Valkerie's and Bob's One of the crisis points of the plot occurs when the ground crew realizes that the bruised space craft hurtling toward Mars doesn't have enough oxygen to get the crew of four safely landed on the red planet This shortage combined with the hostile setting makes for a fascinating exploration of the psychology of people under pressure as the astronauts together with mission control decide how to handle their dilemma The authors' probing of the themes of trust loyalty love and faith make the story than just a scientific thrill rideI enjoyed it The authors in their back matter explain how they did their best to make it a page turner John Olson I was obsessed with giving the reader the most extreme ride possible I wanted the tension to be maxed out at every point in every scene of the book Kindle Location 7579 and it certainly was that In fact I could have used a little down time amidst all the high angst The back matter where the authors talk about selling their idea to an agent explain how they researched and wrote the book then uote parts of their submission with comments of what they would do differently if they were submitting that proposal today was enlightening This ten year old award winning book stands up well though its now nearly upon us dates launch January 2014 feel a bit spooky

READ Oxygen By John B. Olson

H fun writing the story that they forgot to offend anyoneThis is the second edition of Oxygen released in September 2011 It includes four bonus appendices that will specially interest aspiring authors and readers who want to know the story behind the story Learn how John and Randy sold this novel to a publisher in less than 7 weeks without an agent See the exact proposal they used to sell the book And read their hilarious critiues of each other's first scen. Oxygen is a well researched and crafted near future Christian science fiction novel Published in 2001 the story is set in 2014 during the first manned mission to Mars Microbial ecologist Valkerie Jansen is assigned to the Ares 10 as late replacement This alone would cause strain for the crew but her faith adds another level of tension When a near catastrophic explosion occurs the crew of two men and two women must learn to trust each other or perish in the cold of space While I pray that the first mission to Mars does not have problems if it does I hope they have someone as resourceful as Valkerie I also hope they never become as paranoid as this crew becomesAll too often Christian fiction is second rate fiction but this is not the case with John Olson and Randall Ingermanson This is excellent science fiction Historical details and NASA jargon are sprinkled into the story along with technical details about the spacecraft and spaceflight These realistic fine points make the story much compellingThe best fiction writers present their stories through setting action thoughts and description Many Science Fiction stories suffer from lengthy paragraphs of telling While Oxygen does have some telling much of the story is told through dialogue or shown through actionsAs a Christian and a lifetime reader of Science Fiction I recommend Oxygen to fans of the genre


Valkerie Jansen is tough beautiful and has an uncanny knack for survival But that doesn't explain why NASA picks her to be part of a two man two woman crew to Mars or does itBob Kaganovski the ship's mechanic is paid to be paranoid and he's good at it After a teeth rattling launch Bob realizes that his paranoia hasn't prepared him for this trip He can deal with a banged up ship but how's he going to survive the next five months with HER just a flimsy partit. “Oxygen” by John B Olson and Randy Ingermanson is a great new science fictionthriller NASA wants to send a crew of four to Mars two men and two women While they are on their way to the Red Planet an explosion seriously damages their ship Now the uestion is who did it And whyI really enjoyed this novel Christian fiction is not genre I normally read and although there are religious uestions throughout the book I didn’t feel like it was being crammed down my throat The uestions were basic and timeless and hardly a turnoff no matter what your religious viewsThe character development was fantastic They were realistic and intelligent The readers are shown not only their attributes but also their flaws in every action and conversation Bob is confused hurt and incredibly suspicious thanks to his past; the big uestion is whether his behavior is at all warranted I enjoyed the conflicting viewpoints and behavior; the characters were all so human In the end only one character decides to trust the others without any proof only faith A decision every person faces at one point in their livesThis novel investigates the complexity of human relationships and morality It also does an extraordinary job educating the readers on NASA and space travel The uestions brought up when asking whether there really is life on Mars or anywhere other then Earth are incredibly interestingFor those who love science fiction that’s not just skin deep this is a great new novel It was thought provoking entertaining and full of mystery and suspense I can’t wait to read the second of the seriesI received this book through Goodreads First Reads This in no way influenced my review in any way I was not compensated for nor reuired to write a review

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About the Author: John B. Olson

John B Olson is a novelist who lives with his wife Amy and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area John earned a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and did postdoctoral research at the University of California at San Francisco His books have won several awards including a Christy Award a Christy finalist a Silver Angel award and placement on the New York Pu