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Into account new finds as well as new ideas and attitudes to the subject and emphasizes that Greek a. Very cool

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First published in the early 1960s this history of Greek art has been enlarged and rewritten It takes. A fairly interestin

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Rt should be seen in its proper context not that of galleries and museums 302 illustrations 73 in col. Art History was one

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    This is an informative readable book on Greek art chock full of pictures of all types of Greek art In general I enjoyed this but at times was put off by what seemed to be the author's condescending attitude toward other cultures' art

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    Boardman is one of my favourite authors on Greek Art purely because he's so simple and clear His ideas are set out clearly and in sections making it easy to understand what period you are reading up on and the area of Greece that it's in He does focus a little too much on Athens during the Archaic through to Hellenistic periods however that is not an uncommon theme There are nice clear pictures throughout the book that help to break up the textThis book is great regardless of what level you're on Whether you're curious an Art Student or studying specifically on Art in the Ancient World

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    A fairly interesting book about the art of ancient Greece It's a uick read but the history isn't as exciting as the pictures and captions are There are some amazing photographs in this book I didn't care much about the pottery but the statues and the architecture are amazing Also this is the first time I've heard of something called heroic nudity It doesn't refer to doing awesome things while naked which is how I'll be using the phrase but it's about how male gods and heroes were depicted as perfect physical specimens and that usually involved them being naked It's kind of like taking an average athlete and portraying him as Superman but without the tights

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    Easy to read even if you're not an art history major Lots of photos many in color although of course most of the sculpture that still exists is not painted as it was originally

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    This was another reject I rescued from the library It has great pictures and is very readable and I found it informative and engaging Happy to add it to my Classical Studies shelf

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    Very cool

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    Art History was one of my majors in college along with History This is one of the textbooks I held on to I am particularly drawn to ancient art Art as a whole intrigues me It seems to me that it's the window into the souls of a civilization I don't think you can understand any period in history without studying the art that coincides with it Most importantly art serves to move us beyond a date or event to the consideration of the human element

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    A great summary of Greek art from about 1200 BC to the foundation of the Roman empire 27 BCMany illustrations of architecture sculpture pottery and other artifacts The Greeks did painting as well but none of that survived except on their urns This art influenced the art of Rome and the Renaissance and even up to modern times

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    Looking for a source book for Greek motifs and designs Wide range of photos to study for Greek designs but they are rather small making it difficult at times to see the details But it does follow Greek art through many stages The short amount of text that I did read was engaging

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    Another good resource book

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