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Truth and Dialogue

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Selected papers of the University of Birmingham conference held in 41970 British edition published under title Truth Dialogue the Relationship between World ReligionsAcknowledgmentsEditor's PrefaceReligious truth RC Z.

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AehnerA human view of truth Wilfred Cantwell SmithTruth religion Ninian Smart Communalism the social structure of religion Trevor LingThe goals of inter religious dialogue Eric J Sharpe The misunderstanding of Hinduis.

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M Santosh Chandra SenguptaIs the Bhagavad Gita the word of God Geoffrey Parrinder Islam incarnation Kenneth Cragg The outcome Dialogue into truth John HickConflicting truth claims A rejoinder Wilfred Cantwell SmithInd.

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    This book was in all probability employed as a text for discussion in the senior seminar class for graduating religious studies students at Grinnell College Being a bunch of essays many by authors read elsewhere I have no particular recollection of the book The seminar however was memorableI had been a history major for the first three years of college only switching to religion in the senior year because of bottleneck historiography class and teacher I'd been taking religion courses since the sopho year and practically had a major completed at the time of the switch It being a new department the faculty were very liberal with students and with facilitating directed reading projects extramural discussion groups and what the college called plus twos the option of taking a four semester hour class for six hours of credit by the addition of extra work There weren't many of us majors and they wanted to keep the few they had and attract new people in order to justify their continued existenceOther than an exceptionally memorable two semester bible seuence taught by the chaplain Dennis Haas most of my coursework in the department had been interdisciplinary either as regards philosophy or as regards depth psychology The senior seminar had the interdisciplinary character as well In addition to the chaplain there were two full time faculty members in attendance the chair of the department Howard Burkle whose main interests seemed to be philosophical and the department's newest member Harold Kasimow whose speciality was comparative religions Two irregular faculty members attended the seminars as well both of them experienced in paychotherapeutics my particular professional interest There were probably as many faculty persons at our weekly seminars as there were graduating seniors the whole group being maybe ten people The discussions were generally excellent I remember having insights during these discussions that stay with me as important to this day

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