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    I've really enjoyed reading this series John Simpson is a very detailed and well written author Really enjoyed Out of the Gilded Cage Condor #4 Great Series

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    David and Shane no longer the President and 1st Gentleman try to make a home for themselves in a uiet life and begin the process of adopting a child They meet Jack who they become foster parents for However David and Shane are brought in to assist President Victoria to help an issue that is related to an issue David dealt with earlier I wont spoil how David handled it but he did and in fact lead Victoria into offering David a position in Britain and help speed up the process for Jack to be adopted I like seeing the political side of thingsAlso if you love animals there is a heartbreaking moment that will have you in tears But then 2 wonderful surprises that will give you hope

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    This is the 4th book in the Condor Series by John Simpson and continues the life of ex president David Windsor and former First Gentlemen and his ex secret service body guard husband whom he married in the last book We also have both the Mary's again David and Shane settle in Cape May NJ where they buy a beautiful house on the beach and purchase an office building to get ready to lead a civilian life They decide that they have a place in their hearts for a child so they go to a homeless shelter for gay teens and fall instantly in love with Jack On a trip to the white house to visit President Victoria Wilson David finds that he can't stay away from politics for long when she asks him to head to China to deal with the Chinese and the Taliban where we get a good dose of political intrigue and action like with the previous novels Shane goes with him to protect him while Jack stays at the White house Upon David's return President Wilson asks David if he will then be the British Ambassador because being the King's cousin he is the most obvious and appropriate choice David and Shane see it as the great opportunity that it is for them as well as Jack and accept setting the book up for the 5th novel Condor and the Crown I enjoyed this book although it was pretty low key I gave it 3 stars because there were some issues that I had with it For one thing there was another boy that they were trying to adopt but the boy had issues with them for specific reasons so they decided to let him think about whether or not he wanted to come live with them so he went back to the shelter Well we never hear from him or about him again The assumption is that the boy decided against living with David and Shane but with David and Shane's character being what it is I would have expected them to have discussed it or have said something about it But it seemed like the boy just fell out of the story And Jack was all wrong view spoilerHe is a 14 year old kid whose parents were killed and who has been living on the streets and according to the guy who runs the shelter has had some problems with other kids at the shelter because he's been having sex with some of the kids at the shelter Sounds pretty worldly to me Yet in one passage when Shane eludes to wanting privacy with David Jack acts totally confused and doesn't understand what they are talking about Huh? Sorry that doesn't compute for me A kid in his situation has had a rough life and wouldn't be this dough eyed loveable agreeable 100% of the time perfect full of manners kid that he is I mean this kid has better manners and behaves better than my kids That just doesn't work I kept waiting for there to be some kind of issue to make it realistic but it never happened Oh and I've started reading Condor and the Crown the next book and Jack is suddenly 12 years old which makes me insane Hello?? Where are the editors? Where are the beta readers? hide spoiler

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    Another great addition to John's Condor series This book continues the story of former President David Windsor and his spouseex bodyguard Shane Thompson as they adjust to life after the White House They start putting their life together in their new home start the proceedings to add to their family in the form of an abandoned and homeless gay teenagerJack and try to decide what they are going to do with their lives now outside the power circles of Washington Of course David finds himself being drawn back into the excitement by his former Vice Presidentnow the new President and once again having to deal with enemies against the US both outside her borders as well as bigots within the US This is probably so far my favorite of the 4 books John has written of the series and I am hoping that the fact there seems to be uestions still left unanswered that it means there is another book in the pipeline I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good peek into what could be the future of the US at some point

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    only 214 pages in my book story is complete therefore all is wellNever considered how past presidents decided what to do with their lives once their termsof office finishedview spoilerat times Jack acted very young for a previously homeless 14 yr old then again I don't think he was homeless all that long hide spoiler

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    Decent storyIt had a good plot line but the characters remained undeveloped The son Jack had no personality till the very end And Shane is now a submissive little house husband and seems to do everything for David What happened to the rough and tough Shane Thompson the character the carried the previous books

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    Totally implausible adoption of young homeless kid who'd been living on the streets The kid has NO problems and acts like a little saint Also he's supposed to be 14 but acts as if he's about 10I sitll enjoyed seeing David and Shane in love just wish there'd been of them

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    I think I enjoyed this novel the best of the four Condor series books The inclusion of the adoption subplot really helped served to humanize the main characters

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    I read this book in one afternoon Flowed smoothly the political intrigue is written in such a way that it's easy to understand Some sad moments but a satisfying ending

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    I just love Shane David Hope there are adventures especially now with their son Jack

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Out of the Gilded Cage Condor #4

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Omeless gay teenager With the faithful Marys his secretary and his Scottish terrier at his side David's set to enjoy a life out of the limelight But fate has other plans for the no nonsense politician An agreement forged between China and the Taliban sends new President Victoria Wilson to David for advi. only 214 pages in my book story is complete therefore all is wellNever considered how pas

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After his eventful term in office former President of the United States David Windsor is looking forward to retirement with his husband and love of his life former First Gentleman Shane Thompson As a part of their new start they've bought a home in beautiful Cape May and started proceedings to adopt a h. This is the 4th book in the Condor Series by John Simpson and continues the life of ex pr

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Ce David will do anything to help his former Vice President keep Al aeda from destroying the world and he soon finds himself back in the heart of the storm Shane at his side Toe to toe with the leaders of the opposition both foreign and at home David must convince them to turn aside from their deadly pl. Totally implausible adoption of young homeless kid who'd been living on the streets The k