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    Ok so look I’m going to tell you right up front that this is less a book review than it is a memorandum on a particular era in US popular history I’m just putting that right there out front just in case you came here for a typical review “Limbo of the Lost” is an awful book light on theory heavy on baseless speculation It’s really not much than a repetitive recitation and regurgitation of missing plane and ship cases within what is popularly known as “The Bermuda Triangle” It’s only on the very last page of the book that the author posits his idea that at least some of the disappearances of people and machinery are “a conclusion that they are actually being taken away from our planet for a variety of reasons” This after stating in a previous paragraph that he considers himself to be a “realist” No John Wallace Spencer’s book is a complete waste of time if you are looking for anything substantial in the way of information or entertainmentAnd yetAnd yet this is an important book for no other reason that it is a true cultural artifact of the early 1970s in The United States of America a reflection of a popular culture that had been overtaken by a fascination with the “occult” This trend was seemingly everywhere back in the day Movies like “The Exorcist” were bringing the diabolical to the big screen while the pulp paperback horror industry was booming Comics were fair game for oddball themes witness the success of Marvel’s “Son of Satan” and DC’s “The Demon” Writers like Colin Wilson were working within a realm of “true” occultism with exposés of Wicca and Satanism ESP was big time Kirlian photography UFOs Bigfoot would make his small screen debut in a battle royale with none other than the Six Million Dollar Man and “The Legend of Boggy Creek” hit theaters with a “real” monster from my very own neck of the woods the Ark La Tex This was all fertile ground for a kid like me who was into science fiction and fantasy My friends and I gobbled all of this stuff up like fevered brain candy and that fascination with pop culture occultism has stayed with me all these years even though I eventually adopted the viewpoint of an educated skeptic And yeah it’s still fun for me to collect and read this stuff even if I am something of a scientific rationalist The beauty of science is that it’s flexible and open to new data so if Randy Redneck drives up one day with a Bigfoot carcass in the back of his pickup truck well then science will just have to react to the new information Now I will firmly admit that “The Bermuda Triangle” was probably my least favorite of all of the weird news stories of the day There seemed to be some sort of a UFO connection and maybe that was kind of interesting but for the most part it seemed to be a remote and VERY speculative area of investigation for me There are plenty of rational explanations for why ships and planes disappear at sea and all the stuff about energy crystals blasting energy beams from lost Atlantis didn’t add to the attraction of the whole phenomenon Mostly it seemed kinda silly but there were a couple of stories that held my attention One of those was the highly documented legend of Flight 19 in 1945 This famous case involved the loss of five TBM 3 Avenger bomber planes and a Martin Mariner PBM Flying Boat that was dispatched to look for the lost flight All sorts of speculation continues to the present day as to what happened to this training flight but the general consensus based on all of the available evidence is that the flight leader one Charles Taylor became disoriented and lost during the flight eventually leading the suadron out over open ocean where they ran out of fuel and ditched into the sea The rescue flight appears to have been a victim of an explosion as the PBM Martin Mariners were known to have fuel line issues and were basically flying bombs You can read on the history of the flight on this Wiki page of what added to the mystery was several sensationalized and mostly fictionalized accounts of transmissions from Taylor that might have indicated some sort of a supernatural or extraterrestrial explanation for the loss of the mission Bottom line though The Bermuda Triangle was boffo business in pop culture in the early to mid 1970s The unfortunate fact that “Limbo of the Lost” is a subpar example of the type of literature available to the public is kind of beside the point The fact is that there are TONS of examples of bad publishing that deal with occult subjects and that is just kind of the way it is Publishers and editors were and still are uick to cash in on trends so it really can’t be much of a surprise when the turkeys begin showing up on the shelves Serious scientists had begun jumping ship on UFOs and other supposed paranormal phenomena ever since the latter part of the 1960s and the vast majority of writers who were working in the field were untrained in the legitimate sciences There are a few notable exceptions of course J Allen Hynek was still actively writing and researching and NICAP was still attempting to do some sort of serious attempt at documentation and research in the world of UFOlogy but most of the stuff that hit the paperback racks down at the dime store was absolute dreck So what the hell happened? The United States had seen massive scientific and technological progress throughout the decades of the 1950s and the 1960s Maybe it was just inevitable that there would be a push back against these trends at some point The late ‘60s saw a renaissance in “organic” types of thinking The expansion of the mind through transcendental meditation and hallucinogenic substances led to a sort of boom period for a wave of anti science sentiment Sociologists have been struggling with these uestions for decades of course We are today faced with a populace that distrusts science and scientists in general even as they devour every new technology that comes along The number of people who don’t “believe” in the Apollo moon landings is shockingly high and don’t even get me started on the “Flat Earth movement” So what do I do with a book like “Limbo of the Lost?” From a value perspective it adds nothing to the supposed mystery of the “Bermuda Triangle” Reading this as an adult leaves me no choice but to review it on content and I’d give it a less than 1 star rating if I could That said there is still that little part of me that read this as an enthralled 10 year old and for THAT kid this book was a gateway drug to a world of mystery and excitement Missing ships Missing planes UFOs Who couldn’t get excited about THAT? Modern science and statistical analysis have debunked “The Bermuda Triangle” as nothing than a mostly contrived legend The section of the sea that compromises the traditional borders of the region have been proven to be no or no less dangerous than any other areas of highly traveled water and even Lloyd’s of London doesn’t list it as one of the 10 most dangerous areas of open ocean But the idea that there was a haunted area of the world that swallowed planes and ships leaving nothing but mystery behind sure was a fun idea while it lasted It really sucks to get old sometimes

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    More hokum of my youth but easy to believe hokum when you are 11 years old and Sun Classics is putting movies about Bigfoot and Noah's Ark out in theaters and IN SEARCH OF is on every week narrated by Mr Spock no lessAh but what if all of it was true and there was some kind of phantom zone sucking in ships and planes some timeless dimensionless space that probably looked like that Little Girl Lost episode of TWILIGHT ZONE? Instead of course getting ships and planes across vast bodies of water was always harder than anticipated even in our technologically modern 20th Century what with storms and lousy code inspections from easily bribed officials and captains waiting to scuttle ships and collect insurance money So here's to flips book open randomly the crew of luxury airliner The Star Tiger all 31 of whom disappeared on January 30 1948 Aliens? Demons? Dimensional Warps? Atlantean death rays? Deros? maybe but likely they crashed into the ocean northeast of Bermuda and all died on impact or drowned And that's terrible and awful and it is also kind of sad that they live forever because of flimsy paperbacks knocked out by cheap hacks and terribly researched overly credulous lazy or just dishonest television specials

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    Good book A rather dated look at the Bermuda Triangle At the time of publication this was one of the books that pushed the Triangle into the public mind

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    Supposed to be non fiction and I'm sure there are a lot of actual facts in the book but there's a lot of fringe stuff too It's basicaly the same book as The Bermuda Triangle Interesting reading at the time but not meant to be taken without a big grain of salt

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    Even by the dubious standards of Bermuda Triangle literature Limbo of the Lost stands out for its unbearable childish sloppiness Spencer a decidedly amateur writer throws together a paper thin volume recounting a few of the best known Triangle disappearances the USS Cyclops Flight 19 etc in brief affectless style that merely regurgitates other books' findings Perhaps realizing this wasn't enough to bring his tome to book length he pads the volume with irrelevant miscellany like a long chapter on the Loch Ness Monster and a biographical sketch of Blackbeard Worst of all Spencer embraces even easily resolved non mysteries like the Rubicon blown out to sea by a hurricane while its crew was ashore VA Fogg sunk by a boiler explosion and Bill Verity an explorer who never disappeared in the first place Like all paranormal mysteries the Bermuda Triangle inspired works that are fun trashy reads provided you don't take them too seriously see Richard Winer's books The Devil's Triangle and Ghost Ships in particular Limbo of the Lost can't even achieve that much being merely a transparent and shoddy cash in that netted Spencer money before becoming a joke doomed to haunt the shelves of second hand bookstores for eternity

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    I found this interesting enough but it was still just ok The book touched on a couple different subject but just kind of mentioned it in passing; it didn't go into details But still a fun uick read

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    A classic from my youth Pure cheese Your decision to read it should be based purely on the font of the title alone

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    For such a colorful subject a surprisingly dull book

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