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    In this book there are some major issues and challenges covered inside such as Troy 20 year old high school student which he is nearly passed the age limit of 21 or number of years to be in school versus obtaining his GED; parents rely on Claude 17 year old senior to graduate and be the successful one of the family; and how family’s secrets lead to rivalries between the next generation Troy Daniel is the bad boy; some would view as a split image of his father’s past behaviors growing up at his age He is willing to lie down his life if anything ever happens to his brother Claude Claude cares deeply for his best friend Kelly who is unable at first to see beyond their friendship Their father Charles even hides the fight that broke out between Stanley and his son Robert because Stan rammed into his BMW This was so immature and childish for men to fight over a car bump when they could have handled this in a civilized manner such as call the police report the accident and contact their insurance providers This fight between grown men later involved their children too We have to be mindful of our actions and responses since it also has a bearing on our offspring children I hope the author was trying to point this out in the book as well Overall this book exemplifies a teenage love affair that displays love in words expression and poetry but love takes action as Kelly’s mother Latoya mentioned in the reading Show Me motto In the earlier readings we see friends become lovers or friends with benefits and Claude admits that he loves Kelly like family sister However we see love without commitment and Claude prefers to remain friends and not lose their close relationship but making love is on a deeper level than just friends or sister like relationship he expressed to Latoya Later he can’t deny no matter how hard he tries that he has to be with his first loveThis book would be great for older teens 15 19 It was well written as far as descriptive some characters sounded similar and had to re read on some parts to make sure who was speaking and very proper speaking characters versus Ebonics or slang with some teenagers today Even great writersauthors are still learning the differences between ‘showing and not telling’ and read many authors works in some capacity still tell us the story in their narrative voices or descriptions As an author too I still work on this notion in my fiction writings This book was over 350 pages which the college life was slow and could have been written shorter to keep the grips of the reader or eliminated; easily could have been 250 pages or less Dream 4 More ReviewsAdrienna Turner author of God is in the Euation and The Day Begins with ChristWhat a Dream

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    Modern Day Fairytale?Friends 2 Lovers is the story of two teens and best friends Claude and Kelly Hesitant unsure and nervous after a life altering event this duo decides to transform their relationship going from friends to lovers Friends 2 Lovers chronicles that transformation while detailing their emotions internal and external struggles and the outside forces that surround them possibly affecting the coupleThis novel just didn't do it for me I tried to like Friends 2 Lovers I really tried; I just couldn't Jonathan Burkett has a story to tell but he could use assistance in telling it The language was awkward While I appreciate that this novel was written minus all the slang and Ebonics we see much of our youth using today this use of language was not practical I constantly asked myself who talks like this? These characters spoke like greeting cards If the characters' names were omitted I would not have been able to distinguish one from another All the characters sounded alike young and old male and female There weren't any distinct voicespersonalitiesAs the tale unfolded some scenes were unbelievable and not true to life Eventssituations were stretched and dragged on unnecessarily There was a lot of back and forth resulting in repetition The phrase friends to lovers was beat into the ground Also I had to keep reminding myself that this book's setting was current as I kept feeling like I was in the past Not my high schoolcollege years past but this book gave me the feel of movies like Grease and TV shows like Happy Days with the language and the actions of the characters It was as if this novel was displacedI don't know the rule of thumb but I uestion the author's decision to include a table of contents and index as this is a work of fictionI'd strongly suggest the author seek the assistance of a developmental editor This book could have been readable and enjoyable with some help The potential is there

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    Strong relationships come from well bonded friendships The best foundation for relationships to grow flourish and succeed is a deep rooted friendship This is the time when two people get to know each other and accept each other despite and in spite who the person is In an emotive and touching story that will surely evoke a gamut of sentiments and thoughts author Jonathan Anthony Burkett portrays how friends can end up as lovers and how that can last a lifetime From Friends 2 Lovers you will experience how exhilarating and wonderful the ride can be even if there are challenges and obstacles along the way In a compelling narrative that will touch your heart and make you think dearly of your friends and loved ones you'll surely experience an overwhelming ebb and flow of emotions as you leaf through its pages

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    Before reading it a student here asked me to read it and she wrote this review about it It goes like thisI enjoyed this book a lot It must be excellent for a movie or a TV series because I couldn´t stop reading it The author although still a young man shows characters with a sharp insight so we can feel what is happening inside them in their moments of heartbreak as much as in their moments of happiness He writes with a real heart and describes real troubles in situations around us He is careful with new generations giving good examples of best behavior great advices for nowadays when lots of relationships are nearly brokenI would love to read the second volume What will happen to Claude and Kelly?

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    This is the story of how 2 friends Claude Kelly gave in to their feelings for each other to become loversAfter being there for her man when he lost all his family his nan had a heart attack his brother his dad got shot in a gang style shoot out plus his best friend 2 days later his mom committed suicide so did a friend who was like a brother devastation in the extremeKelly her mom were there for him plus his biological father as it turned out his mom confessed to an affair just before she threw herself off the bridge the feelings they had for each other developed this charts their lives at college jealousy of others how their emotions cope survive with it all

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    it was a good readpretty predictable at times

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    excellent bookwill post review this week

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    True love and matters of the heart “Faith doesn’t get you around problems in life and relationships it gets you through it” This is a book that explores true love the deep meanings of life and our actions thoughts and reactions within life by an author who is entirely honest seeking out purpose within life under God’s guidance Strong relationships are built from the foundations of friendship where both individuals have a lot in common and that connection with each other before romance comes into being as this I also believe to be the foundation of a long lasting marriage Your attention is captured instantly as one is able to relate to the meaning within this book that is truth drawing poignant and uite emotive hence I did feel myself becoming uite tearful The writing is so beautiful and the meanings behind each and every word even so as it touches your heart and soul as if making a hole within your heart As you follow the characters of Claude and Kelly throughout their life from childhood friends to lovers one can see as the years past how they open up and share their inmost thoughts and feelings hence I do feel that being able to share that with your partner is most important and to be candid in your conversations Life is hard and we see how they cope through various trials and tribulations difficulties that they work through together as they stick together through the good times as eually the bad If one is able to work together and stay strong as you ride over waves then it shows that you have a deep rooted connection and bond that is lasting and true Claude was faced with much tragedy whilst Kelly is the character whom I was able to connect and empathize with easily hence you cannot help but loose yourself within their story Love is expressed in words expression and poetry that is uite poignant and stirring but also in action in the form of Kelly’s mother The best basis for any relationship to grow flourish and succeed is a deep rooted friendship and that is what evokes many sentiments and thoughts relating to our own personal lives You can look at it from an angle of a friendship or a romantic relationship or from the angle of a relationship between a mother and her daughter or yourself and a family relation as it is relevant and applicable to all Those examining their own relationships and those romantics who are looking for that fairytale and true love this book is a delight to behold and a real treasure as it will certainly inspire you to never loose hope in finding that ‘true love’ and seeing the best in others I would like to thank the author for having his book as a giveaway on Goodreads which I feel honored and privileged to have had the opportunity to read Jonathan Anthony Burkett is an amazing author who is able to really see into the hearts and minds of his readers touching their souls with his honesty and frankness on a subject that is cherished by all as I never cease to be amazed how are lives are shaped and defined by love The passion within each page touches you as you follow Kelly and Claude’s journey as they make that ultimate step from friendship to something whilst battling the fear that they could in doing so loose each other This is a novel that you loose yourself within as it speaks to you on a personal and intimate level as you are swept away by the beautiful captivating poems and heartfelt words of sincerity I would highly recommend it as a wonderful and delightful read by an author who has truly impressed me with his outstanding book 45 rating

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    So Okay first off let me get the bad stuff out of the way This book has some serious problems most of which could be fixed by a good editor There are grammar errors throughout their instead of there poor tense consistency missing words etc The first love scene made me nearly stop reading altogether because really? We rubbed on each other? We made each other feel good? Really? There are also some issues here and there with reality; research is always the author's friend If you are going to have police involved in your novel you need to research police proceduresOkay so with all that going on why did I give it three stars? Two reasonsFirst back when I almost stopped reading because of the love scene I went and flipped to the author info and saw that the author is 25 now If he wrote this when the outside events in the book were taking place Obama running for his first presidential election he was either still in or barely out of his teens That made sense because when I was reading it it reminded me heavily of stuff I've read teenagers write in creative writing classes And in that context I realized if I was reading a piece of student work I would give this a very good grade Probably an A It doesn't have the maturity I often expect from professionally published work but if I put this in the context of a young man just starting out I can cut it a lot slack And believe me I can be a pretty harsh reviewer and grader at times Secondly the author is actually a very good story teller There's something I've said about Stephanie Meyer before that she's not a very good author but she's a heck of a good story teller and that fits here as well No things aren't perfect but the characters are compelling and the story itself is intriguing I kept reading despite the flaws in the book and polished it off in just a few days If anything that says that it's extremely readableI think with a strong bit of editing this could be a much better book and I hope that this author keeps working because in a few years he may be a real author to contend withBook received at no cost through the GoodReads First Reads program

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Friends 2 Lovers Volume 1

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Faces some of the most horrific tragedies life can throw at a person and his best friend Kelly helps see him through them all As they move toward adulthood the pair is exploring the possibilities of their relationship and will soon discover if friendship really is the best foundation or if it does harm than goodAutobiographer Jonathan Anthony Burkett is back and determined to keep readers up all night with his first work. it was a good readpretty predictable at times

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It is said that being friends before lovers is a key to a wonderful relationship When couples are friends first even when there is no physical loving there is still caring and communication Claude and Kelly are friends The uestion is do they have what it takes to successfully transition into lovers while keeping their friendship intact for the long haulIn Friends 2 Lovers The Unthinkable high school senior Claude Daniels. Strong relationships come from well bonded friendships The best foundation for re

read ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Of fiction Friends 2 Lovers The Unthinkable Inspired by his personal experiences Jonathan has crafted a story of the heart to address several crucial relationships issues of our day Does support always euate to love What has to happen for truth to rule over the emotions of a relationship Can anything kill a friendship Find out if Claude and Kelly can answer these and many others uestions in Friends 2 Lovers The Unthinkabl. True love and matters of the heart “Faith doesn’t get you around problems in

  • Paperback
  • 296
  • Friends 2 Lovers Volume 1
  • Jonathan Anthony Burkett
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780985297008

About the Author: Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Jonathan Anthony Burkett was born in 1987 He is a bright writer inspired by many as he continues to struggle in life Devoted for achievement in his lifetime he is willing to take any test He told himself that he would never give up no matter the trials and tribulations He decided to write to help him move towards a bright future for himself; and because he knows that s what his Grandparents