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    An enjoyable and informative read with some surprising revelations and insights about Dante and the Mystery Traditions Unfortunately the Kindle edition has uite a few typos otherwise I'd have rated it four stars

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    Lovely little book about Dante‘s life and his work focusing on his connection to the Templars and the occult symbolism of his writings Another focus is on initiations by mystery schools ranging from the ancient Egyptians and Greek to the Romans and freemasonry„Reality has emanated from a great Cosmic Mind in successive stages These stages are ruled by comic intelligences –angels or gods Some of these gods and angels are the spirits of the stars and planets –and therefore their movements as tracked by astrology influence our lives By prayer and ceremony we may work with these gods and angels to influence the world and in this way mind may move matter Human spirits fell down through the successive stages and into matter forgetting their spiritual origin and before the end of time will rise again Each individual human spirit makes this descent before birth then re ascends after death –and may make the journey again in subseuent reincarnations There are certain techniues of initiation by which individuals may be enabled to make this journey while still alive and awake and so access the higher intelligences and even the great Cosmic Mind There are certain techniues of physiological manipulation and complementary meditation through which individuals may make the journey These initiations and techniues mark a stage in the transformation of the whole human being including the physical body in accordance with a divine plan which is working out through history and which will be completed when the whole cosmos is transfigured“

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    Mark Booth’s The Secret History of Dante is a competent introduction to the supposed and controversial esotericcryptic tradition in the works of Dante Alighieri There are chapters on the Knights Templar and Dante’s connection to them; a reading of the 6th book of the Aeneid for those that have not or are too lazy to read Virgil – though Mr Booth insists on the alternative spelling Vergil and never explains why; a search for the entrance to the inferno Hell and many other amusing diversions Ultimately the book does not convince but for those looking for an introduction to the hidden or supposedly hidden aspects of the poet’s works this is an excellent place to begin One negative is the book was far shorter than it could have been – in some ways it almost felt rushed and most sections need far deeper readings than what they received Perhaps Mr Booth was in a hurry Recommended for those with a conspiratorial bent of mind and for those who enjoy light entertainments with an AltSpeculative History perspective Rating 3 out of 5 stars

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    Less a secret history and of a life and times of Dante the book did not live up to expectations I had hoped for a complete biography and instead this is an exploration into the influences in Dante's life hitting hard on Islam and ancient writings to the exclusion of facts about Dante

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    I’ve never read a book on Dante so I can’t comment on the veracity of the information but I can say that it has been a wonderful uncomplicated unpretentious straightforward read A good book for a rainy day – offering both entertainment and culture

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    It's maybe a two and a halfer A decent introduction I think to the subject but does waver way off track at times The author does however whet the appetite to explore further so not a bad thing This was a good holiday read instead of the usual mundane thriller

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    It was just an ok book I still want to read the Divine Comedy again to see if I can pick out some of the stuff mentioned in this book

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    Started ok then veered off down a lot of alleys

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    Very poorly written book Could not finish it the writing was so bad I'm glad it was free

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    too new agey

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The Secret History of Dante


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Италианският Предренесанс има своите безспорни имена но най яркото сред тях е Данте Алигиери С последния си трилър наречен „Ад” Дан Браун изстреля автора на „Божествена комедия” в топкласациите превръщайки го в модна темаКазват че Данте е преминал такава степен на инициация в подземията на Флоренция и Париж която му позволява свободно да се. An enjoyable and informative read with some surprising revelations


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About the Author: Jonathan Black

Mark Booth—was born in Cambridge UK and educated at Oriel College Oxford where he read Philosophy and Theology He works in publishing and publishes many bestselling authors and cultural icons He also publishes many prominent authors in the MBS and ‘alternative history’ fields including Graham Hancock Lorna Byrne Mooji and Rupert SheldrakeAs an author he has sold over half a million books in the English language and his work has been translated into twenty one languages The Secret History of the World was a New York Times bestsellerBooth has given lectures and interviews at the Royal Academy Maastricht University and the Marion Institute in Massachusetts He has been widely interviewed on radio and TV including BBC Radio 4’s Today and Coast to Coast in the US He has written articles for the Independent on Sunday English National Opera Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Mind Body Spirit