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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   It came in a plain brown wrapper no return address an audiocassette recording of a horrifying soul lacerating scream followed by the sound of a childlike voice chanting “Bad love Bad love Don’t give me the bad love” For Alex Delaware the tape is the first intimation that he is about to e. This book is still set in the 90s and there are sti Christmas Eve on Sesame Street the sound of a childlike voice chanting “Bad love Bad love Don’t give me An Atheist Defends Religion the bad love” For Alex Delaware Asian Bites: A feast of flavors from Turkey to India to Japan the An Atheist Defends Religion tape is The Flintstones Stone Age Nursery Rhymes the first intimation Herotica 4: A New Collection of Erotic Writing by Women that he is about El Diablero to e. This book is still set in Superdate the 90s and The Cooking Book there are sti

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F to madness   With the help of his friend LAPD detective Milo Sturgis Alex uncovers a series of violent deaths that may follow a diabolical pattern And if he fails to decipher the twisted logic of the stalker’s mind games Alex will be the next to dieBONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Jonathan Kellerman's Guil. 2What is happening This one started off ridiculo

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Nter a living nightmare Others soon follow disuieting laughter echoing over a phone line that suddenly goes dead and a chilling act of trespass and vandalism He has become the target of a carefully orchestrated campaign of vague threats and intimidation rapidly building to a crescendo as harassment turns to terror mischie. Not my favorite of this series but very entertainin

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    Another case of a multi layered conspiracy for the powerful to take advantage of youth in which Alex and Milo discover and bring to justice Unfortunately not before Alex and Robin's house is burnt down in retaliation At least they find a dog that they adopt at their temporary home So my uestion is why does the doctor continue to see patients in his home? Because of his involvement in sensitive cases often with fragile or temperamental people I would think he should rent an office for he has plenty of money But then the author couldn't wax poetic about the beauty of the doctor's home his elaborate meals and his koi pond

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    This book is still set in the 90s and there are still no mobile phones but beepers and no internet but professional directories And lots of indoor smokingAnother book where terrible psychologists mess up kids in a way that makes them come back years later and take revenge If I were a detective and my friend the psychiatrist kept stumbling over bodies like this one does I'd start to wonder That's a trope I don't like about lots of thrillers where civilians investigate I prefer the later books where this doesn't happenI've read enough of the books of the series in one go that I started to wonder how I'd be described if the hero met with me would it be dumpy frumpy or heavy but pleasant looking? I usually gloss over these descriptions but after a few of the books in a row they start to grate on my nerves

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    This one escalates the in your face suspense and bloodshed There is wanton death and destruction in this book and in any previous installment Delaware and Sturgis are uickly becoming my newest favorite crime solving duo Also this is the first book where I really cared for Robin's character Time to pick Self Defense

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    Not my favorite of this series but very entertaining still the same How does Alex a Dr for children always get tied up with psychological crazy adults? Maybe they were the children first

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    I've read so many Delaware books indeed but never in order so I never really knew how his first house burnt down Now I know It's in this Bad Love book that many things find their origin like Alex and Robin's little French bulldog coming into their life I like this Spike because later he gets hostile towards Alex and protective of Robin This dog here in Bad Love this little foundling is loving and protective towards both Alex and RobinAnyway Bad Love is again all about Alex's job as psychologist and not police consultant Here we find people who've gone into therapy or reform school with the worst of the worst and come back to get revenge indiscriminately and Alex is just another casualty First I thought this book uite boring but then it started to pick up in intensity In any case I was happy to finish the book; in order to get a full picture of Alex's bio

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    I NEITHER HIDE NOR FEED MY REVIEWS THEY MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSThis is my second Kellerman novel I' m really liking his workI love the device of seeing criminal investigation through the eyes of a child psychologist Alex Delaware All the criminal forensics are there but the crimes at times are secondary to Delaware's puzzling through the relationships and motivations from which the crimes ariseIt's nice that Delaware is well adjusted handsome and educated but with a reasonable ego as he's aware of his frailties and limitations In the sense that Alex has a lot of feminine yang his good friend police detective Milo Sturgis provides some yin However Alex is plenty yin too evidenced by his awesome supportive girlfriend Robin who would never go for a jerk Delaware is now in private practice but does a certain amount of consulting with the justice system evaluating child custody situations etc which is his nexus to crimeIn this book bad love has two meanings At the first level it refers to a certain celebrity child counselor's view that bad parenting is bad love Turns out the celebrity deceased now for eight or so years had a hidden meaning for the phrase too In the celebrity's private corrective residential school for disturbed children back in the '60s or '70s he mistreated his charges some of whom were not even disturbed per se but dealing problems such as bed wetting dyslexia absentee parents or domineering parents The counselor gave secretive one on one sessions in which he emotionally abused the kidsTo the public this counselor Dr de Bosch called Dr Botch by one of his alumni is a paragon of virtue giving lectures and writing magazine columns on how to rear children never disclosing his closeted abuse To his alumni he embodies evil No wonder that when his graduates reach adulthood some are very damaged one to the point that he undertakes to kill all the school's former faculty and key supporters The sicko considers Delaware who never worked for de Bosch and in fact thinks his theories are superficial and heavily borrowed to be part of the de Bosch travesty simply because Delaware early in his career was forced by a hospital supervisor to organize a psych conference that pretty much deified De BoschTh words bad love are also a clue that the perp leaves at some of the murder scenes Alex is the one to figure out what the phrase refers to He identifies the pattern in several seemingly unrelated deaths leading to the hurting disgruntled former student of DeBosch's school of terrorOf course Alex does have an incentive to figure it all out he starts receiving cryptic threats in writing and in the form of serious property damage from which he concludes he's on the killer's hit listThere's a subordinate plot that offers relief from the grimness of the de Bosch saga Alex finds a stray French bulldog to which he and Robin become attached as they searh for its owner When the owner finally shows up the middle aged daughter of the actual owner who recently died of natural causes she sees the dog is well cared for and invites Alex plus Robin to keep Spike The daughter's hubby is allergic to dogsThey enthusiastically acceptBook is way complex than I've described Many wonderful clever touches and insights One uibble and I felt this too with this first Delaware book I read Survival of the Fittest I don't get why Delaware sees patients at his home address When a professional is dealing with people who are innately unbalanced or unhinged by life events why would he she want clients or their relatives to know where he lives? It's a point however on which I'm willing to suspend my disbelief

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    My feelings are mixed about this one I liked the introduction and characterization of the French bull dog Spike Kellerman is either a true dog person or his research was thorough Spike’s actions at the end were implausible probably physically impossible but the reader doesn’t mind It would be nice if a dog of that size and build could have done what he did so suspension of disbelief is set aside in favor of willing the dog success I liked the descriptions of the tape They lend tension and an overall eerie tone to the entire piece Very frighteningI liked the occasional humor In fact I think that of all the books in this series this one has the most appealing dialogue between good friends Detective Sturgis and Dr Delaware When Sturgis is fingerprinting Delaware and asks him a uestion Delaware responds with “I’m not saying a word without my lawyer pig” When Spike comes between Delaware and his on and off again sueeze Robin Milo comments “Oedipus Rover”I didn’t like the uptight character given Dr Delaware in this one His sanctimony in previous books was a turn off but acceptable in a character brimming with confidence and chutzpah Turning him into a whiny jump at shadows wimp may have been an attempt to humanize the protagonist If so it backfired merely making him contemptible and on occasion annoyingI didn’t like the use of two disparate storylines for the purpose of misdirects shades of Blood Test Parallel storylines work in Kellerman’s books only when the two plots are interrelated When they don’t have anything to do with each other the minor plot feels obstructionistic like one is being used to pad the work It gets in the way of the real story and is wasted readingMore wasted reading was the detail invested on the homeless camp This is my second time reading this book and I skipped dozens of pages addressing the plight of the homeless in the Los Angeles area I got the sense I had stepped out of a novel and into an advocate’s cause célèbre Admittedly homelessness is an issue worth tackling but it didn’t advance the story not one iota and should have been filed for a future novel emphasizing homelessnessKellerman had to work hard to weave all his loose threads together in this one and I didn’t find the ending convincing I think sometimes he falls in love with characterization and setting and at the eleventh hour has to force himself to consider plot If I re read this one again it will be selectively revisiting only the parts I liked

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    This book was totally awesome I'd have given it five stars except for one plot device that ultimately was all wrong the tape of screaming that Delaware is sent at the beginning of the book As the plot knits together chapter by chapter did I mention how awesome this story is? I realized by the very exciting adrenalin drenched action ending that this beginning is the single wrong note for how this murderer would have begun his contact with the good doctor However I think most readers won't care or notice For me this is the best of the series so far I'm reading the series in orderI love Jonathan Kellerman In each book he never shies away from speaking truth even if the plot or writing sometimes does not uite live up to his ideals It's usually good enough but I'm happy to recommend this one as almost perfect Tolerating child abuse is like spitting into the wind All of society pays for not doing about helping people with mental illness or having an ignorance based educationI want a French Bulldog

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    2What is happening??? This one started off ridiculously slow and by the time the case was revving up I just wanted it to be over I'm going to try the next one in hopes this series picks up but I may have to throw in the towelwhich is a damn shame because I enjoy the characters

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    This is one of the better ones of these I've read in a while And the events of this one affect the plots of many of the books that come after it

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