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Disclaimer This book is loosely based on the Korean Drama The Moon The Embraces The Sun Though the basic storyline is similar the story scenes and characters are all minePrince Jai of Zihan was soon to be named Crown Prince once his father ascended the throne At seventeen he was an accomplished young man who had learned at his father and grandfathers knees the ways of an emperor There was no doubt that he would one day be a formidable ruler But now there was a great struggle about to unfold the fight for the position of Crown Princess ConsortShe would one day become the Empress to rule at her husbands side and the vying political factions were willi.

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They were a happy young couple looking forward to the day they could finally wed and the next she was suddenly stricken with an incurable illness After her death the young prince lost the will to live himself and gave up all hope of ever finding happiness againYears later after his enemies tried to force him to accept someone else as his princess someone he refused to share even a word of kindness with something strange began to occur After falling ill while burning up with fever he saw his Mia all grown up at his bedside When he awakened she was gone but he couldnt shake the feeling that she had been there in the flesh and not just his imagination.

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Ng to go to any lengths to get their preferred noble daughter on the throne By chance prince Jai when he was still a young man came upon a beauty unlike any other hed ever seen before He was at once captured and captivated by the young girl who looked to be a few years younger than himWhen Mia was chosen as one of the last contenders for his hand in betrothal the two could not be happier and when she finally defeated all others they believed their life and future happiness together was setWhat they didnt know was that the calculating ministers and the Empress dowager who had their own chosen candidate were not about to let that happiness lastOne day.

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