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Heavy Expectations

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E ride This is an erotic tale featuring pregnant women engaging in MF FF and group intercourse Contains breast expansion age regression muscle growth and weight ga.

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All notions of the limits of the human anatomy the two decide to have a friendly competition to explore their abilities Several bystanders eagerly tag along for th.

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Joni and Nancy return as their pregnant bodies continue to grow and respond to their appetite for love making and food Although Joni's incredible body is breaking.

About the Author: Joryan J. Strebas

Joryan J Strebas is a lover of erotic storytelling and is as eually engaged in the characters and their interactions as with the plot and setting Joryan is devoted to delivering a full course to the reader by providing an immersive experience that will leave you coming back for and Joryan is an open minded person willing to explore many likes interests and proclivities of human sexu

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