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As Mulheres do Meu Pai

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Gola to Benguela and Namibe They cross the Namibian sands and their ghost towns reaching Cape Town in South Africa Then they continue on to Maputo then uelimane beside the Bon Sinais River and thence to the Island of Mazambiue As they drift on they cross landscapes that border dreams landscapes from whic This is an intrigui

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In My Father's Wives reality and fiction run side by side the former feeding into the latter However in the territories José Eduardo Agualusa crosses fiction plays a part in reality too The four characters in the novel which the author is writing as he travels accompany him from Luanda the capital of An I gave The Book of

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H there and there the strangest characters emerge My Father's Wives is a novel about women music and magic These pages herald the rebirth of Africa a continent afflicted by terrible problems but blessed with a talent for music by the ever renewed strength of its women and the secret power of ancient gods One of the first bo