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  • Kindle Edition
  • 288
  • The Witch’s Warning Aberrations #2
  • Joseph Delaney
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
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7 thoughts on “The Witch’s Warning Aberrations #2

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    Amazing I absolutely can not wait for

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    sadly it is only three stars for me though I LOVE Delaney's work but this one felt like merely a filler it wasn't as grasping as the Spook's when I could barely leave the bookevery time the cliffhanger turns out okay they are rescued all over the time and the dark is not dark enough I think my favorite part is the 'flappers the idea in itself if new and uniue the Crafty Lick and Lucky trio felt soooo much like Harry Hermione and Ron I know thise three are always in the back of all readers minds when it comes to two boys and girl kind of protagonists but to be specfic it gave be a flash back of the end of PRisoner of Azkban when Ron was the attacked shrugthe novel is interesting and all but nothing vital Happenedas i said full of cliffhnagers that turn out okay in a wayview spoiler there was an attackthey retreatedViper is back no surprise thereCrafty is still a spy for the wooden Dukenow they have a new castle as locationthe witch Old NEll want to ally with Craftthe Shole is alive controls the aberrationsand it is spreadingCrafty's dad tried to kill his momand her whereabouts is unkownDonna and Titch dead grubsback to life and die if they leave the Sholeso far they are allies hide spoiler

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    Crafty est toujours mouche de porte et commence à s’habituer à son nouveau rôle en binôme avec Click uand il commence à voir en rêve la vieille Nell ui lui donne des conseils ou le menace montrant ue le Shole approche et est une entité vivanteBeaucoup de nouvelles uestions apparaissent dans ce tome et peu de réponses ce ui est normal pour le moment Crafty est un personnage vraiment attachant à la fois plein de doute mais très astucieux et décidé uand il est en situation de crise Le Shole est un monstre plein de surprise et d’intelligence et j’ai hâte de voir ce ue l’auteur nous réserve comme surpriseJe ne sais pas combien il y aura de tomes en tout ni uand le prochain sortira mais je serai au rendez vous J’aime vraiment beaucoup le style de l’auteur

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    En résumé un second tome encore meilleur ue le premier Si ce n'est cette non fin ui pousse à avoir un tome 3 ui ne semble pas être prévu j'ai passé un excellent moment de lecture J'étais ravie de retrouver Crafty et ses amis et toute cette ambiance assez glauue et creepy Maintenant croisons les doigts pour u'un tome 3 arrive et ue cette annonce ue c'est un diptyue soit une blague de l'auteur

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    Excellente lecture

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    A solid installment to the series the reason I'm giving it 3 is because it reads a little younger than the Tom Ward books from the same author and just doesn't appeal to me as much as an adult

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    loved it great book

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The Witch’s Warning Aberrations #2

Joseph Delaney ¸ 9 review

L battle is only just beginning New and dangerous aberrations are appearing all the time and worse yet it seems someone from within the Castle is helping them attack And when an old enemy returns to give Crafty a disturbing warning it seems time might be running out for all of th. Excellente le

characters ¾ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¸ Joseph Delaney

F the owner of those clawed feet had stepped in a puddle of blood Crafty and his friends have already faced dozens of horrifying aberrations during their time as Castle Gate Grubs assistants to the mysterious guild of Gatemancers who fight against the terrifying Shole But the rea. En résumé u

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A gloriously spooky horror fantasy story from Joseph Delaney the internationally multi million bestselling author of The Spook's Apprentice Crafty halted his heart lurching with fear his mouth dry There were bare footprints in the white snow and each one was smeared with red as i. sadly it is o