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E to hold the border a wall dividing free Otapmir from the forces of the enemy he comes face to face with the one whom all Otapmir fears Who can withstand Sirith’s blade “The darkness is closing in All that remains is one candle That candle is us Jorson The wind is coming”.

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“The light is flickering Otapmir’s downfall is at hand” Jorson Roctel a humble citizen knows nothing but the repetitive life of a miner Events lead to an involuntary change in occupation Pulled into the ongoing defense of Otapmir Jorson must train with the sword While lear.

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Ning his new duties as a soldier under The Red Lamb’s banner he acuires a new knowledge of the enemy’s leader Sirith a seemingly matchless foe Gaining a new perspective on the war he throws himself completely into the conflict Following his superiors into a desperate struggl.

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    As an overall book Otapmir's Last Commander is very rough around the edges and throughout its strong points mainly being the villain Sirith strategical battles and the general parallelism to Christianity; however these still suffer from the issues that pervade the novel The first issue is a general lack of clarity and explanation Several events such as battles leave the reader unsure of what exactly is going on and why one event led to another; further Horst has a tendency to end scenes rather abruptly and without clear transitions This gives the novel a slightly choppy feel that is reinforced by his rather choppy writing style which employs many appositives and the passive voice Although of a technicality in writing style Horst also offers little information as to the movements and simple on goings of a moment and gives instead often unnecessary reasoning as to why the main characters have done a simple thing; this along with a relatively small vocabulary makes his writing somewhat redundant As a general result one is presented with slightly odd sometimes a little frustrating seuences These little issues then also detract from the significance of certain moments and shift the reader's focus from the meaning of what is present to a critiue of how it was presented and a desire for further explanation and clarity This then when concerned with the important events of the novel leads to a seemingly unrealistic and anticlimactic plot which in part is unrealistic not because of writing style but also because of the author's inability to capture how people would realistically interactreact in certain situations and how events would play out in reality This leads into a second issue which deals with the characters and their interaction First very few characters if any are described with much detail especially concerning facial features eye color tone of voice hair gait mannerisms etc There are few characters who have a clear look; the rest are just names This is mainly due to poor introductions of minor characters In addition character interaction is somewhat unnatural and usually short lived especially in the dialogue Conversations and meetings often end before they begin and the personality of characters is primarily described by the author instead of revealed through the dialogue Additionally the humor is forced sometimes painful to read and has relatively bad timing And as far as interaction goes Horst's portrayal of military synergy is unrealistic and odd The villain of the novel Sirith is perhaps the most interesting character but it takes a while before one even hears him speak The character of the King is probably the most effectual problem of the novel for he is meant in a way to represent the God of Christianity Thus those who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith may not clearly understand the motive behind nearly all the good characters Jorson the protagonist and his friends are meant to trust the King and use the strength of peace and certainty that he brings without uestion But the written position of the King as being just a person and not something although allegorically he is plainly meant to represent God makes this a very odd sentiment In the world of the novel he is not made out to be God but the characters are meant to treat him as such Horst may later reveal that the King is in this sense supernatural or divine but the problem remains that he has made no hint of it in the book besides the characters' regard of him And because of the King's clear and yet unwritten and implicit position as God he interferes with the plot in an illogical way This parallelism however does portray a good example in the way of proper reaction to the will and wisdom of God through difficulty especially touching on the subject of not understanding the reason for which God has done something but trusting him regardless The tactical and strategic battles throughout are both entertaining and interesting and there are plot elements that spice up the story and make the novel engaging It will be interesting where the author takes it from here

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