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Ctive clients but it’s never uite enough The challenge that faces us and the problem with these activities is that they don’t scale The number of people you need to need to meet in order to advance your business build your influence and fill the top of your sales funnel is simply too many to handle Th. Good LinkedIn Pr

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How many times have you heard someone say It’s not what you know it’s who you know We all know the importance of relationships in creating and growing a business and yet most of us don’t know exactly what to do about it We go to networking events meet associates for coffee or maybe even email prospe. An immensely pra Grammar and Practice with Answer Key exactly what to do about it We go to networking Pills and Pacifiers: An Age-Play Medical Fantasy events meet associates for coffee or maybe Felt and Torch on Roofing: A Practical Guide even Diamonds, Gold, and War: The British, the Boers, and the Making of South Africa email prospe. An immensely pra

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Is book contains the solution In Connect Josh Turner lays out a step by step process to meet and connect with the people that matter to your business at scale The techniues contained in these pages will teach you to use new tools and marketing channels to build relationships without being confined by time. Great review of

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    have ignored LinkedIn for a pretty long time and was surprised to hear Josh made a company around it Listening to his interview on Entrepreneur on Fire I was immediately interested in what a great channel I might miss I bought the book and read it in a few hours It well written easy to understand Clearly Josh has spent ages in LinkedIn and he is truly an expert using this platform He advises using Spreadsheets to monitor the progress and also writes about his approach to connecting with prospects The surprising thing is that Josh only writes about things that are of common sense yet I didn't do it that way This book confirmed my thinking or corrected it a little so I was self confident He switched over to highlight the importance of Webinars at some point These relate to the work with LinkedIn and Josh explains why Webinars take a lot of space in this book so it on one hand interesting on the other I have hoped to read about different strategies The book is a nice read but it leaves you with some uestionsIn example how should I or could I use company pages? Should I get a premium account? Can I do something with the people visiting my profile?All in all it boils down to give webinars record them use Infusionsoft or Mailchimp open a group and post valuable content there A couple of things made it a worthwhile read I liked the spreadsheet for tracking your efforts the experiences he case studies and the tiny details which I didn't think ofFinally you need to be prepared that this book of course contains a lot of references to Josh own businesses He is never aggressively selling so it is acceptable I would recommend this to anybody who doesn't know what organic growth would mean or doesn't have an idea to approach people

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    An immensely practical book which gives real world tips and tricks about marketing your business online Josh pulls no punches to reinforce that it's hard work not a magic bullet I especially liked how he detailed the making of a webinar Superbly done

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    Simplistic dated A selling tool for the author Nothing

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    In his book Turner provides a step by step guide that outlines simple LinkedIn activities that are designed to advance your business when it comes to building influence finding partnerships and business growth The goal of the book is to show you the most effective ways to use LinkedIn how to use LinkedIn for marketing purposes and how to build a profile that attracts paying clients This book can be read straight through or you can cherry pick your way aroundFor your convenience we had Josh Turner on our podcast The Entrepreneurs Library to give a deep dive on Connect With Josh’s experience he gives amazing insight on how to master the art of LinkedIn for business If you would like to get a in depth look from the author himself check out episode 225 on the EL website or you can find the show on iTunes

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    Not bad for a lead generation bookThis book is a decent high level overview of LinkedIn and webinars A few times Josh goes into some details that may be new to you even if you've been on LinkedIn for years There's a lot of links to go a bit deeper into subjects which is fine That's what good lead generation books doI am sure there is a ton of good free info there as wellJosh is good at practicing what he's preaching Share good content establish yourself as an authority and hopefully enough people will either sign up for in depth content or they will hire Josh to do it for them

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    Good LinkedIn Prospect ManualEverything in here except the chapters on webinars and cold calling I've seen Josh regurgitate over and over on his webinars and emails Once we got past the first chapter on webinars the book begins to drag along I started to selectively read and sped read at that point If you want to leave rage LinkedIn this is a good place to start

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    Great review of using LinkedIn as a tool for sales The methods used are not really that surprising but the author does give several examples of how the methods were used in various industries The book provide some step x step procedures Yet the work is not trivial and will take daily diligence to make it work

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    Great info and motivational I loved this It was a uick read but informative I'll admit I skimmed the webinar stuff because I don't need it for my line of work just yet but overall this is worth it

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    Excellent book?Josh has created an awesome tool Before reading this book I did not know where to start I would find social media to be intimidating and would shy away Not now I am encouraged to take my marketing efforts to another level

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    I took too long to finish this book It's got good tips that are still relevant for LinkedIn but one should couple this read with Josh Turner updates in order to keep abreast with the ever changing social media world

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