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If you had lived in Hamburg in the fourteenth century or Venice in the ninth century or Damascus in the second century you might have looked up from what you were doing and glimpsed just for a second a strange procession rushing past and out of sight There were at different times a little girl a flock of sheep shepherds angels a Roman governor and the E The basic idea of this book is a great idea and the

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Ehem but back through two thousand years of historyLike Jostein Gaarder's hugely popular Sophie's World and The Solitaire Mystery The Christmas Mystery is an enthralling story within a story full of surprises It is written with an enuiring open mindedness and a sense of wonder that startles the reader into looking at the story of Christmas with fresh ey And the award for biggest pile of crud I’ve ever

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Mperor Augustus and they were hurrying to Bethlehem to see the Christ childThe little girl was Elisabet Hansen who disappeared from Norway at Christmas in 1948 Years later a young boy called Joachim opens the 24 doors of a magic Advent calendar and pieces together Elisabet's story how she was taken on an astonishing journey not just from Norway to Bethl We were so excited about reading this book The idea Daniel (Council Enforcers, young boy called Joachim opens the 24 doors of a magic Advent calendar and pieces together Elisabet's story how she was taken on an astonishing journey not just from Norway to Bethl We were so excited about reading this book The idea

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    Julemysteriet The Christmas Mystery Jostein GaarderThe Christmas Mystery is a 1992 Norwegian novel for children by Jostein Gaarder The story has one chapter for each day of Advent Using the device of a Story within a story a young boy Joachim reads a story hidden behind each window in an advent calendar that he bought on November 30; every day he finds small piece of paper from the doors of the calendar that tells the story of Elisabet Hansen who chases a toy lamb that has come to life from an Oslo department store تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دوم ماه می سال 2002 میلادیعنوان راز تولد؛ نویسنده یوستینیاستین گوردر؛ مترجم مهرداد بازیاری؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، نشر کتاب، هرمس، 1378، در هشت و 200ص، شابک 9646641172؛ چاپ دوم 1378؛ چاپ چهارم 1383؛ چاپ پنجم 1385؛ چاپ ششم 1393؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان نروژی سده 20مپسر خردسالی به نام «یوکیم»، سی روز پیش از آغاز «کریسمس»، یک تقویم کریسمس می‌خرد، که هر روز باید یک فصل از نوشته‌ های آنرا بخواند، و نماد آن بخش را، به تقویم دیواری‌ خویش بچسباند؛ «یوکیم» داستان «الیزابت هانسن» را می‌خواند، که با دیدن یک گوسفند اسباب‌ بازی که جان گرفته، او را از «اسلو» تا «بیت‌ لحم» دنبال می‌کند، و در طی سی روز آینده، رخدادهایی گوناگون روی می‌دهد، و با شخصیت‌های تاریخی و دینی بسیاری همراه می‌شود، و در روز کریسمس به «بیت‌ لحم» می‌رسد؛ «یوکیم» خود نیز رخدادهای جالبی را تجربه می‌کندتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 22031399هجری خورشیدی ا شربیانی

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    So this is for my children and for Jean Paul who gently guides me through the maze to almost forgotten yet unforgettable reading experiencesMany years ago my children and I started reading this book as a calendar on 1st December and read one chapter each night until Christmas It became a ritual and we had to rearrange our reading time uite a lot to fit in the lengthy chapters in spite of the usual end of term activities and pre Christmas craziness in a busy family of fiveIt didn't take long before we had to bring both history books and atlases in order to follow the journey towards the mystery of Christmas For the simple story gets and complex and contains several layers of symbolical historical and geographical meaning It travels through time and space from present time almost in Scandinavia through the Middle Ages in Europe and back to the year of the birth of Jesus in Nazareth in the MediterraneanIt is a mystery a lost and found storya voyage and return tale a uest and it certainly is a story about searching a way out of the labyrinth or about finding a way of navigating it properlyAnd it is a way to remember reading bliss past It was the first time my children encountered a complex literary structure than the straight forward plot As always when reading with children of different age groups even though my three are uite close there were discussions on various levels from uestions like Where is Denmark? on the map to complex reflections regarding the origin of our Christmas celebrations given a special twist as we are an atheist householdOh I wish I had that clock in the story so I could travel back in time and space I wouldn't have to go that far only to Germany a couple of years ago and cuddle my small children again before they turned taller and wittier and knowledgeable than myself “ perhaps the clock hands had become so tired of going in the same direction year after year that they had suddenly begun to go the opposite way instead” Merry Christmas down memory lane

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    The basic idea of this book is a great idea and the 24 chapter advent calendar style is great However far too many unanswered uestion for me that would confuse and concern a child Why would an angel abandon a 20th century girl in the year 0 in a different continent? Why does a children's book include modern day references to child abduction and the poor mother who spend 50 years wondering what became of her daughter? What exactly was Elisabet's role in the birth of Jesus? Why was Elisabet's disappeared linked to political motives which are frankly unbelievable to an adult and would be incomprehensible to a child? I was desperately hoping that it would all be explained at the end but is simply wasn't Very strange book Not sure who it was aimed at and who would enjoy it to be honest

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    This book was published not too long after the Norwegian author's better known novel Sophie's World made a big international splash Probably way too many copies of The Christmas Mystery were printed and I seem to remember it being remaindered almost right away Certainly I bought it as a remainder and it sat unread on my shelves for about 15 years Early this past December I pulled it out thinking of creating some badly needed shelf space I read the first chapter finally and was hooked by the premise Joachim a boy in a small town in Norway finds a mysterious hand made Advent calendar in a used bookshop; each day when he opens a door a folded slip of paper with writing falls out each day's installment telling the story of a girl named Elisabet who makes a strange mystical journey to Bethlehem running from the town in Norway across Europe and back in time in a growing company of sheep angels shepherds wise men and others who play bit parts in the nativity story There's a chapter for each door that Joachim opens making the book itself something of an Advent calendar I immediately thought to spend December reading it aloud to my eight year old boy at bedtimeNow that we're finished I don't regret it but there were times during the reading when I wasn't sure if we were going to have the stamina to stick with it After a very strong opening my son too was immediately hooked by the premise and taken with the idea of reading each chapter on its corresponding date the story became a little sluggish and repetitive The first two angels who join Elisabet on her journey have strong personalities but the ones that follow each day another character joins the holy procession are just names which is also the case with the shepherds The wise men make long tedious philosophical speeches which six year old Elisabet is always hiding in her heart As they travel across Europe and back in time they are constantly entering towns with an angel telling Elisabet the name of the town the current year they are in and the year the town's principal cathedral was built not really engrossing A shepherd often interrupts whatever informational or philosophical conversation is taking place by banging his crook and shouting To Bethlehem to Bethlehem This happened so freuently that I started making a joke of it by reading he banged his crook and said then pausing to allow my son to yell To Bethlehem himself The framing story of Joachim and his attempt to learn about the maker of the Advent calendar a flower seller from the market named John and its connection with a real life Elisabet who disappeared from their town in the 1940s is also a little repetitive I guess there are only so many ways to describe a boy waking up all agog to open a door in his Advent calendar The ending and the explanation of the real life Elisabet's story was both long winded and incoherent All this being said I can't deny that I got some pleasure out of making an Advent ritual of this book and it certainly kept us focused on the religious aspects of Christmas non Christians might prefer to give this one a miss The particular edition we read a handsome almost picture book sized hard cover with appealing illustrations by Rosemary Wells is lovely as a physical object I've moved it to my son's shelf now who knows if he'll ever reread it I'm fairly sure I won't but maybe seeing it there will bring back some good Christmas memories for him in the years to come

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    We were so excited about reading this book The idea of a magic advent calendar and a part of the story to read each day was really appealing to us but despite having greatly enjoyed Sophie's World by the same author we struggled to enjoy this one Will perhaps try again another year

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    On 1st December a young boy named Joachim is given an unusual advent calendar and behind each door contains a chapter of a story As the story unfolds Joachim and his parents learn about a young girl named Elisabet who disappeared from Norway years earlier and a pilgrimage of angels shepherds and wise men who travel across land and time to be present when Jesus was bornUnfortunately I did not particularly enjoy this book Although I am not religious I can enjoy reading books about religion but I felt that this particular story was preachy and sanctimonious Also while it might be considered a magical tale of a pilgrimage it could eually be seen as the story of a young girl who was tempted away from her mother by a cute animal and led away with an angel who promised to look after her but instead took her away from her home and left her mother wondering for years about what had happened to her daughter Which to me anyway sounds a bit sinisterI do think the idea was uite a good one because it could be a useful tool for learning about the history of certain places but I just couldn’t connect with it at all There was no characterisation – I didn’t know Joachim or his parents any better by the last page than I did on the first page and I felt the same way about Elisabet The writing just seemed too simplistic and the story was also somewhat repetitive and the ending was – possibly deliberately – a bit unclear

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    I would have rated this book with 5 stars until I got to the last 4 or 5 pages I felt like Ralphie in the movie A Christmas Story that it was a crummy commercial This book is beautifully written beautifully illustrated the one I got was illustrated by Rosemary Wells whom I have loved for years and beautifully set up It is an advent book with each day of the advent calendar following a double story The story of Joachim who is given a Magical Advent Calendar and opens it each day and reads the message inside each door and then the story of Elisabet the young Norwegian girl who in 1948 is whisked away by angels to take a trip thru time to the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem Both stories are lovely and the addition of sheep kings of the east and emperors along Elisabet's trip makes the Christmas story come alive in a lovely wayHowever The ending is very poor It seems there are two possible solutions to the mystery of what happened to Elisabet? Elisabet is a real girl who was kidnapped and taken to Bethlehem to be raised in 1948 in the war torn area that was Palestine as the new nation of Israel was being formed She has been missing for 45 years and her mother still grieves the loss of her daughter Whether Elisabet was kidnapped by an angel which is what the Magic Advent calendar supposes she was taken away from her family and for what? It seems she works on behalf of refugee families in Palestine? I read this story not knowing that the author was against the formation of the nation of Israel nor that he was in support of Palestine Somehow along the way I didn't think that should have mattered But the author makes his political commercial the ending of the story and for me it ruins it completely All I could think of at the end was her poor mother she was alive all those years and never found her way back to let her family know she was alive? Child kidnapping what a horrible ending to the advent story These thoughts overshadowed the rest of the story which is that Elisabet was present when Baby Jesus was born You don't even know what happened once Elisabet got to the manger in Bethlehem It was almost as though the ending of the story was hijacked by the political commercial And I for one am sadly disappointed To uote Mr Knightley to Emma Badly done Mr Gaarder Badly done uestions that I still have who kidnapped Elisabet? If it was the angels couldn't the angels have brought her back in time and return her to her family? like in A Christmas Carol where the Spirits could do it all in one night? Was she kidnapped by a Palestinian family? If so doesn't that say something unflattering about their purposes in kidnapping a child? And why didn't they try to return her to her home? What purpose really is the fact that she lived all this time as a Palestinian refugee have to do with her being at the birth of Christ? Any one want to join me and write a different ending for the book?

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    And the award for biggest pile of crud I’ve ever read in my life goes to The Christmas Mystery by Jostein GaarderI knew that this was a children’s book In fact when it was announced at book club I was a little bit enamoured with the fact that we would be reading a book for kids So much so that I actually went out and bought the pretty picture book version with all the little angels and Baby Jesuses in the margins What a bloody waste of money that wasThe story is about a magic advent calendar and it starts off really well A little boy whose name escapes me as he was just so dull procures this calendar from a strange old man When he opens the first window a little bit of paper falls out with the introduction to a story on it Events continue this very same way through every date in December with little whatshisface getting up at the crack of dawn to eagerly drink in some of this tale A little girl went missing 50 years ago whilst in a department store with her mother One of the toy sheep got up and scampered away and she followed it all the way to Bethlehem meeting angels shepherds and wise men along the way All the while time is spinning forever backwards and the procession end up waaaaay back in time at the birth of Jesus Christ Seems legitTo be perfectly honest the magical elements of the story were the best bit This could actually have been alright if it were better written I know that children thrive on repetition but this was just exhausting The book is set out like a diary with the dates counting up through December until Christmas Every single day we have the same thing Little boy gets up Little boy is disturbingly excited about opening his calendar Paper falls out Boy reads story Boy hears mum dad coming Boy hides paper Every day there is a digression from this mundaneness in which we find out what is going on with the little girl from the past But even that doesn’t come as such a relief for each character she meets along the way has a headache of a catchphrase which they utter in each chapter “Fear not” “To Bethlehem to Bethlehem” oh just fuck offI reckon the little boy in this has some real psychological problems I had to read it as a comedy if only to stop it from ruining Christmas He keeps on raving to his parents about a little girl and some sheep and kings of the orient – they must think he’s ready for a sectioning As an in depth study of a little boy’s spiral into declining mental health this book excels but as a fairytale for kids at Christmas it’s a bit shit

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    It's really uite a risky thing to try and retell one of if not the most well known stories in the world especially if you're going to put a twist on it However I'm pleased that Gaarder did it because he managed to execute it very well The choice of chick lit Christmas themed stories is bountiful and I do enjoy them but to be able to read a different take on the original Christmas story is a rare treatI believe this book was primarily targeted at Children but this could certainly be classed as a family book Gaarder shares an important story and he also incorporates some philosophical uestions in this book infact because of this I'd probably recommend it for older children perhaps 8yrs The story of the birth of Christ is retold in this book in the form of following young girl named Elisabet as she travels through different countries and time retracing the steps of several biblical characters sheep included as they make their way to BethlehemThis story as staged as a story inside another story The protagonist Joachim stumbles across a magical Advent calendar in an old bookshop and each day he opens a new window another part of the story is revealed Reading this book during Advent was fantastic and like Joachim and his parents I was eager and excited for another window to be opened to see what happened next during Elisabet's journeyThe Advent format of this book was really exciting and it wouldn't be a bad idea to use this book as a type of calendar itself if you could resist reading on I'd urge people to pick this up for a slightly different easy to read but interesting Christmas read

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    25 stars Okay and philosophical but the book could've gotten its message across in other ways that weren't repetitive To be completely honest The repetition in this book is probably what lowered my rating by a whole star In fact the whole book is a little dull and I didn't enjoy reading it As you can guess it was pretty mundane and I didn't extract much from it because I was so bored I understand that it has philosophical value and that it's oh so deep and lovely and sweet and christmassy but it's just not for me and I don't see the point in reading it To it's credit though I liked the format of the book and the time traveling aspect That's pretty much all the Christmas mystery has going for it though So to conclude I am not very impressed

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