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Two Countries Speak Poems And Remembrances

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Th tinted lenses fashioned to our fancy That sometimes hide what's painful to acknowledgeFrom time to time Conscience removes the blindfolds And therein lies the book The book of fears and prejudices The book of challenges Bigger than friends Bigger than family The book of self A workb.

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Two Countries Speak Poems and Remembrances is a rendition of poems and reminiscences showcasing author Joyce P Nightingale Holder's early life in Barbados and her current experiences in America BLINDFOLDSWe wear our blindfolds Blindfolds of many colors Like sunglasses of convenience Wi.

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Ook we all must engage Each day every dayDo we dare show The pages of our foibles And stand exposed for prying eyes to witness Can we be bold and shift the paradigm Or put the blindfolds on and walk away Will we accept discomfort to know truth Or will we stay within the realm of famili.

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