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The Rake and the Bishops Daughter Friendship #3

Summary The Rake and the Bishops Daughter Friendship #3

Society’s beloved wastrel Sir Harry Collyns pushes his popularity past the point of acceptability when he posed for a statue that creates a social uproar People line up for blocks to see Handsome Harry in the nude sculpted by a female artist Bored with the fus. This book was so bad so absolutely bad I think it left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth La

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S and scandal Harry hitches up his fastest team heads for the country and a near fatal curricle accident When the bandages are removed from his head days later he discovers the angel voiced widow who’d cared for him is neither elderly nor as mild as her tone b. I love your good there test run to read this book which is good enough to make sure that

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Ut a straight laced do gooder unimpressed with his flamboyant past and dashing good looks Head battered and heading for a broken heart he falls into love with Widow Olivia St Clair who might be the one woman in England that Harry can’t charm into loving him ba. Even though there were several typos in the book which tighter editing could have improve

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About the Author: Julia Donner

Julia Donner aka MLRigdon grew up in historic Galena IL USA and spent most of her time in the museum of her aunt who encouraged her interest in history and understood the need to cherish a dream She started writing in secret in her teens and never stopped merging it with her mother's encouragement to study theater and music which led to performing in the Midwest California and as far a

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    A good readRomance novels often have characters who could medal in Olympic level conclusion jumping and 'The Bishop's Daughter' of the title is one such That said I still like her for a couple of reasons First given her set of experiences prior to meeting the Rake her outlook is reasonable Second thanks to the intervention of the 'Rake's' sister in law the Bishop's Daughter sees the error of her ways and makes a notable and successful effort to make amends These are good examples of the author's credible job of allowing her characters to grow over the course of this generally well written story My criticisms are fairly minor I felt references to the Rake's beauty were all to freuent and that the reason for his elaborate efforts to show a public persona so different from his real self was a bit thin His characterization came off as slightly too perfect BOTTOM LINE This is a very readable story of two people who are well suited but must 'work to work it out' This is the third book in Julia Donner's Friendship series and the first I've read of her work I'm sufficiently impressed to backtrack to books 1 and 2

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    This book was so bad so absolutely bad I think it left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth Laden with spelling mistakes you don't staunch bleeding Ms Donner you stanch it grammatical errors and historical inaccuracies completed by a highly predictable plot line and possibly the worst main characters the world has seen The Rake and the Bishop's Daughter had me wanting to stab someone desperately Ms Donner if you're American please please I beg of you do not write about English characters The diction the language everything is so completely and totally off I cannot imagine how this book has a rating of four point fucking eleven Are people blind? Can't they read? Or is it just me? Do I expect too much from writers these days? sighs

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    I read this romance novel without reading the other two in the series I was hoping to find another author in the same vein as Julia uinn who is my favorite Regency era author Sad to say that I was disappointedThe two main characters are actually fleshed out on the surface Harry Collyns the playboy who scandalizes London because he's bored or like he'd rather not subject his true self to the scrutiny of the judgmental ton Olivia St Clair the widow who self imposes chastity upon herself due to guilt and a lack of self esteem after an marriage and childhood both absent of love It's a damn shame that the romance between then is not uite as believable as their surface traitsview spoilerThe two mains particularly Olivia flip flop opinions on each other faster than Hillary Clinton on political issues They fall in love lust with each other uickly and end up engaged just as uickly due to a uick fix avoidance of Regency baby mama drama At some point in the book Harry vows to spend his life helping Olivia throw off the shackles of her past life and live freely That goes out the window when he learns that she believes a certain rumor about him from an unreputable source Olivia meanwhile looks past the gossip about Harryuntil she hears that one particularly unsavory rumor What makes this rumor different from the other rumors about Harry? Why does she vow to forgive Harry's past to investigate it and accept it but not do the same with this one rumor? During all of his interactions with her prior to their dramatic break up why did he never think to mention his status as an owner of a shared plantation as soon as he heard she was an abolitionist? And when they unsurprisingly get back together why does Harry immediately forgive Olivia for slighting his character after taking massive offense to her doubts just ten or so pages prior? On that note I know that Olivia's naive abolitionism isn't played up over the course of the novel in order to make room for the plot point where Lady Asterly steps in to call her out on it But Olivia's spuriously unyielding belief in abolitionism is just TOO unrealistic Where are the personal stories from her former husband about why slavery is atrocious? Why is there no detail given about why slavery is such an important issue to her so than other human rights violations or causes like street urchins starving in London's streets or the double standards of London society towards women? What personal experience did Olivia have that could encourage such a strong belief in abolitionism even to the point where she is treated like a social pariah for it by the rest of her peers in 1800s London? To us moderns it's obvious that the system of slavery is destructive because we have access to its painful history and know people whose ancestors have experienced it and also arguably we can witness it today in the form of the prison industrial complex but that's a tangent I'm not willing to go down at the moment Basically what makes Olivia's belief in abolitionism not a pet issue to the point where she props it up as the one belief she will not yield on? hide spoiler

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    3 Enough uibbles and issues that I can't round up but still an enjoyable escapeI don't know why I like this one so much but I do There's actually uite a few things knocking points for me and a few character traits that drove me nuts but somehow I still enjoyed it There are a fair amount of historical inaccuracies and some spelling and grammar issues that were distracting But I like the relationships between all the friends I like the development of things between the leads though they do have their irritating moments and I felt the ending was a satisfying HEAI didn't mind Harry as a lead actually liked his character well enough though he was a bit too perfect and constantly described as to his looks We get it He's handsome Olivia on the other hand bothered me freuently Like their big fight at the end she's ignored so many rumors talked to him and gotten the truth but then this one she's actually believing and refusing to talk to him about? One of those times where you just want to shake the character by the shoulders and yell Why don't you just talk to him Self inflicted drama bah And on that note her views on abolition seemed I dunno anachronistic She's so set in that belief and to a modern reader yes we definitely understand why But at the time and without any personal connections to really trigger it why was she determined? I dunno it just never meshed cleanly for me with the rest of her personality and time periodAlternating 3rd person POV No cheating or love triangle nonsense The OW drama was brought on Olivia by herself The OM drama was another unsuitable suitor aside from Harry honestly an uncomfortably caricatured character Mostly two people overcoming their lust long enough to actually pay attention and fall in love with the person beyond hormones and rumors Enjoyable bit of escapism but don't look to it for historical accuracy HEA and no cliffhanger Would I read in the series? Yes This is in the middle of the series well earlier on have been written now and stands alone well while there are characters introduced who could be entertaining to read about too

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    DecentDecent read but does not stand out or engage me fully Blurb lies as it promises an ice ueen of a heroine and instead we get a sensual widow who has had a crush on the hero since she was twelve Still she is a level headed and intelligent woman so I wasn't grumbling too much Also she is thirty In regency romances that totally counts as a mature heroine

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    I love your good there test run to read this book which is good enough to make sure that you are going to have a great life as you are now working hard as it happens with your writing style is also very good and bad people will think it's boring but I just like the good you made

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    CharmingThe characters were likeable the story moved along smartly and the wrap up was satisfying and made me happy What could one want?

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    Another fun one in this series having started with the later books and now going back it’s fun to read how the relationships are established

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    Even though there were several typos in the book which tighter editing could have improved it was still a good read Harry Olivia are very likeable characters He a practised rake and she a widow of 30 years old Olivia had been carrying a torch for Harry ever since he had done her a kindness when he was a young man and she an awkward 12 year old girl Years later fate and an accident brought them together Harry is badly injured when his horses are distracted by Olivia and as a result she takes him back to her home to nurse him Sparks fly as he heals Olivia a passionate woman who has had to tamp down her desires being told they are sinful and wicked finds her soul mate in Harry who is a little damaged in soul as well as bodyMisunderstandings occur as well as an unforeseen event or two to separate them on than one occasion There are sexual scenes in it so if this is not for you best avoid I have no problem with them and they were well written Part of a series of books I have not read the others but it made perfect sense as a stand alone to me without having read the others

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    LOVED this bookPrimary characters Harry Collyns Handsome Harry and Olivia are perfectly As different as night and dayI loved this story the era and behaviors of the day and a story displaying human foibles which are inherent no matter the time or place The story was told with an obviously well thought out plot which never veered toward a bizarre addition nor deviation but steadfastly developed towards a well told believable tale of the beginning middle and the final resolution of falling in love This relationship was affected with misplaced expectations misunderstandings and the intrusion of too many people with too many opinions And againinherent in human behavior no matter the time or place Really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next book by this author which is waiting in my Kindle line up I don't write SPOILER reviews You need to enjoy the story for yourself Time very well spent and I enjoyed the ride immensely

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