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Do Or Die Bridesmaid

SUMMARY Do Or Die Bridesmaid

Unites with his ex girlfriend's sister Laura Karr Now Laura's a beautiful womanand someone wants h. Conor Wildman is back in his hometown for the wedding of his ex Lisa to his college bes

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Always the bridesmaid never a target Back in his hometown for a wedding Detective Conor Wildman re. I really like Julie's books I've read a few of her Kansas city cop books and just recen

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Er deadConor's the man to protect her but will one heated kiss jeopardize their precious friendshi. This book has been in my TBR pile since it came out and I'm so glad I finally got a cha Under My Skin in my TBR pile since Glazes Cone 6: 1240 C / 2264 F it came out and I'm so glad I finally got a cha

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    I really like Julie's books I've read a few of her Kansas city cop books and just recently bought one of those Intrigue Classic of her's In this book Detective Conor Wildman goes home for a wedding running into ex's sister Lara It starts out innocently but then a murder is discovered There Julie draws you into a fairly fast paced story of mystery murder and love It starts in his hometown but ends up in Kansas City Its neat all the twists and turns that come up It also brings in his work as a marshall It gives you a chance to meet a few people he helped Which gives you a neat perspective of him You know who the bad guys are but the ending is kinda interesting I really enjoyed this story and the way Julie wrote this one

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    To please Connor’s Ex fiancé Lisa his childhood best friend Joe as they get married he comes to their wedding Knowing he’s just going to say Hi greet everyone at the reception and get out there it would be just enough to make them and his family happybut then walks in Suirt Lisa’s sister Laura and she’s not the little girl he knew and remembers growing up next door It shocks him that she has turned into a beautiful 25 year old woman She’s the only one that is treating him normal like the friends they were before he left When his ex asks for a dance it’s not her he’s thinking of but the brides beautiful sister sitting in front of him She dances with him not once but many times believing she’s just a distraction for Connor to keep away from Lisa She believes he’s leaving and kisses him on the lips goodbye at the reception hall and then hurries to leave to find her friend Chloe “What on earth had possessed her to kiss him like that? No friendly peck on the lips no polite buss across the cheek—but a full on hey I have the hots for you kind of kiss The kind of kiss that left a smear of lipstick and stamp of wishful possession on his mouth for all to see” Chapter 3 about 15% way into the book Running back into Connor on the way to try and rescue her friend he ends up driving her and that leads to Connor taking time off from work to protect His all grown up Suirt after all this the things that start happening that’s not making any sense to Laura The first being how they found Chloe when they went to check on her to going on a road trip where Laura meets Connors friends his new family there in Kansas City It may of started out with Laura being determined to find out what happened to Chloe while Connor is determined to protect her while she does But uickly heads into to figuring out how to stay alive so they can make this relationship work once they are done protecting one another from killers out there Enjoyed it recommend it way can’t the girl named Leslie be the heroin of the story instead of Mom of the bridewith my name being Leslie Lisa was always a close second people called me and Linda Laura I have been called as wellthey just left out the sister Lindsay and it would of been just about all the L names I’ve been called

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    Available now from Harleuincom and from other book vendors in February 201935 stars This wasn't one of this author's best works but not one of the worst eitherThe Hero in this book is the US Marshall from the fourth of the Bachelors in Blue miniseries He has left that position and now works for KCPD However most of this book occurs in Virginia while he is attending a wedding Eventually our main couple gets back to Kansas City and we see brief glimpses of the Watson clan It took me a while to warm up to the H and h and to connect to their story I put off reviewing to try to figure out why and I'm still not sure The characters felt younger than I'm used to from Miller Not their ages because there are multiple books in the Precinct series with couples in their 20's and early 30's But this couple read younger and less mature That may because of their history and the way it is brought up throughout the book The heroine is the little sister of the H's ex fiancee and he still remembers her as that young girl It leads him at times to still treat her like a kid The book begins from the H's POV and it turns into a bit of info dump Not a huge one but I was definitely at the point of starting to skim paragraphs waiting to get on with the story Background info is usually skillfully filled in by Miller and I found the opening of this book unusual for her I can't say I have never read a small info dump or repetitive passages in her other books only that they usually come later after all the major characters and some action has been introduced It made for a slow start The book does pick up and by midway I had a better feel for the couple I enjoyed getting a glimpse of the Watsons again especially my favorites Niall and Thomas The suspense plot was paced well All in all this was a solid albeit somewhat average addition to the Intrigue line I'm always happy to read anything new from Julie Miller

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    Conor Wildman is back in his hometown for the wedding of his ex Lisa to his college best mate He wants to show that there's no hard feelings He finds himself reunited with Lisa's younger sister Laura Karr who he always had older brother protective feelings for But now she's grown up and hot those feelings change He winds up getting dragged into trouble when Laura's best friend is murdered with the killers now after her and vows to protect herUnfortunately this was a bit of a bore For the first 50 pages it's little than Conor at Lisa's wedding to Joe We keep getting told that he's over her but this is contradicted by his actions in which he repeatedly drops bitter barbs about her marrying his best friend If my timeline is right Conor was with Lisa for some 10 years All his actions repeatedly screamed that he wasn't over her yet Worse still in those 50 pages we're introduced to Lisa heroine Laura their mother Leslie and another sister Linda and I got lost with all those L namesThe plot had some okay moments The seuence where Conor and Laura have to escape his house while thugs attack them was well done But it was pretty much the only exciting seuence of note The suspense of their escape was lessened because Conor always had a convenient person he helped in WITSEC witness protection willing to help him in exchange In the final stretch he seeks help from Thomas Watson and his family all characters in Protection Detail and I was overwhelmed with the sudden introduction of about 8 characters and their back stories Sure I've read Protection Detail but all that info dumping was unnecessary and only served to confuse me all over againMostly I couldn't get into the romance It was clear Conor was most emphatically not over Lisa despite his protests to the contrary His continued use of the term Suirt to refer to Laura was really really really really really ICKY YUCK Just yuck It felt incestuous It's not much fun reading a romance where the heroine repeatedly throws herself at the hero practically begging him to love her and the hero basically shrugging his shoulders and going Yeah might as well

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    A sweet tender and fierce love story between childhood friends in the middle of a murder investigation is a solid entertaining intense tale with ferocious action and a fast paced chase across the country I adore the way Ms Miller can write a hero who is as tough as they come yet they sensitive side is as strong as their alpha male side They have vulnerability and they own it they have faults and weaknesses and they work on them Detective Conor Wildman formerly known as the US Marshall won my heart over easily as he struggles with the losses he has faced while is trying to justify his attraction towards his ex girlfriend’s sister Laura Karr Laura and Conor have an easy connection between them They have known each other for a long time they get each other know the history and understand the struggles each are facing The attraction between them is so effortless enjoyable yet passionate it's natural and believable from the start I loved how they faced each other as eual partners comparable perfectly matched for each other I adored Conor and Laura together After everything Connor has been through he deserved a good strong woman like Laura in his life The suspense is intense as well The culprits are mostly known yet the motives and reasons have to be discovered to capture them and bring them to justice The reach of the perpetrators seems limitless their powerful mastermind opening doors and ways to them no one knew to expect bringing unexpected plot twists on the way As a bonus treat in the story the readers get to visit with the Watson family in Kansas City and shortly catch up where everyone is with their lives The harsh brutal murder and vigorous hunt for the killers is as fervent part of the story as the deepening feelings between two friends Conor and Laura and their balancing act to stay alive to explore the new feels and emotions skyrocketing in their hearts and minds A well founded romantic suspense plot with savage action and potent suspense and with engaging charming easy to love characters in a delightfully adorable love story that captivated my heart Five Spoons

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    Do or Die Bridesmaid is another terrific romantic suspense by USA Today best selling author  Julie Miller There is a reason she's one of my instant purchases It's as good as it getsFormer Deputy  US Marshall current KCPD Detective Connor Wildman is in Arlington VA his hometown for the wedding of his former high school sweetheart Lisa Karr He is still stinging from her rejection a few years back and she is now marrying his best friend However hanging around is the forever faithful younger sister Laura Karr She's been in love with Connor from afar as far back as she can remember She was always the younger sister the tag along but now she's all grown up and 25 years old She always knew that Connor had dated the wrong sisterIt doesn't take Connor long to realize that the teasing banter he'd  shared with Laura has matured into a sizzle of attraction When did Laura become such a hottie? The few years apart hasn't dampened Laura's attraction to Connor either If anything she is even attracted to the tall blonde man Will he see her as anything other than the kid sister though? All his preconceived notions about her get put to the test when Laura's friend and neighbor is murdered during a violent home invasion Laura's life is threatened Connor steps up to protect herI adored this couple  Julie really knows how to create tender caring alpha heroes who can protect without being jerks Laura is a great heroine small of stature but mighty of heart They make a terrific pair The mystery is solid kept me guessing Just read this

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    This book has been in my TBR pile since it came out and I'm so glad I finally got a chance to read it because it was fabulousDetective Conor Wildman proposed to his girlfriend Lisa but she turned him down and ended up with his best friend When they invite him back to Arlington for their wedding and beg him to come he decides to go to appease them and prove he's gotten over being dumped by Lisa At the wedding he sees Lisa's youngest sister Laura whom he affectionately calls Suirt but Laura is no longer a child She's grown up with beauty and curves and a smile that makes his heart beat faster When Laura gets a call from her friend and neighbour she fears the worst and when she goes to Chloe's apartment with Conor and they find her dead Laura is determined to find out who killed Chloe and why Conor won't let Laura do it alone and they soon find themselves drawn into a mystery that could get them both killed Along the way Conor realises that maybe he was with the wrong sister after all maybe he was just waiting for Laura to grow up Laura's uicker on the draw she's loved Conor for years but Conor doesn't believe himself worthy of a forever love Can Laura convince him to change his mind or will time run out for both of them before they can explore the bond between them?With a hero you can't help but adore a wonderful heroine who is smart and determined to get her man and get justice for her friend and a race against time to bring the perpetrators to justice before they pay for it with their lives this book is everything you want in a romantic suspense story

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    More of a 35You know including this in the long running KCPD series is a bit of a stretch when you spend most of the book not knowing who the H is and how he ties in I suppose I should have recognized the name dropping but it was an email soshrugThe story starts out with the H finding himself reading a wedding invite from his former girlfriend dumped him when he proposed and his college room mate Along with the invite were notes from the couple expressing concern and a desire for all three of them to be bestest friends again Are you kidding me?To my everlasting disappointment instead of sending a missive telling them where to shove their friendship where to go and explicit directions on how to get there the Hgoes back home to VA to attend the wedding thereby turning his man card into a wad of toilet paper and flushing it along with his dignityNot happy with the inauspicious beginning here and frankly disappointed he didn't punch the groom in the face after the wedding But this wasn't about that couple they uickly disappeared on their honeymoon may the mosuitoes of the Caribbean see them as an all you can eat buffet It is about the bride's little sister who has had a crush on the H since puberty I suppose and her scatterbrained neighbor who bit off way than she could chew and as is discovered skipped the wedding because she was being killed for her troublesWe then meet the local deputy who varies between being an ass to a creep the the deceased's boyfriend who appears strung out or something a lawyer a thug an ex boyfriend who'd gotten tired of scatterbrain's stringing him along and she wanted him to be happy for her that she'd found what she wanted to be Mr Right It's like a disease where people don't seem to realize that expecting someone you dumped to be best buddies is a huge stretchThen the texts start and after she a figures out she's being spied on through a window and b figures out what her late friend was talking about they figure out what the deceased had that was so important but not why They also figure out that whoever is watching knows they know so they runThey stay at the H's family house abandoned for at least a year deciding to stay dressed at least until they give in to the urges and make woohoo Then of course the bad guys show up set fire to the place and here they gotta get dressed so they can run facepalmThey do eventually make it back to KC where we find out just how this ties in to the series oh so THAT's who he is set up a trap get confessions get the bad guys caught lawyer thug too apparently and yep; deputy was crooked confess their ILYs the endSome thoughtsissues H was an agent for WITSEC and paid visits to a few of his former clients along the way This allowed him to dump his ride made them harder to track get fed and febreezed and yet they couldn't manage to find someone who could gas up the wheels while they stayed out of sightHe was concerned that someone had gotten into her apartment but after figuring out she didn't have a landline dismissed it as them trying to bug her phone and not checking deeper into thingsThe aforementioned nookie on the run after the decision to stay dressed rather than change into PJs in case they had to make a run for it that's a bit than changing After all in a pinch you can run in your PJs people show up in walmart all the time like thatGoing from one sister to another ick And of course going to the wedding in the first place so people would stop worrying about him IMO the people worrying about him gave up their right to be concerned

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    3 stars 👫First things first The truth is that I don't particularly like friends to lovers plots I don't know why but I just feel kind of awkward reading it lol But because it was Julie Miller's book I read itI think I didn't enjoy this one as much as her other books I felt there wasn't the action I expect from her books It felt like contemporary romance than 'intrigue' and a little chicklit in the beginning maybe because of the marriage thing I don't like chicklit very much I also found the dialogues were sometimes a little bit cheesy for me I don't remember feeling that way with her other books so it surprised meOverall the story was good and also the protagonists although I liked Laura Connor's indecisiveness made me want to shake some sense into him I could understand where this was coming from but still comparing him to Laura who is younger he wasn't so mature It kind of rushed toward the end we got the persecution the confrontation with the bad guys the resolution and then Connor saw the light and proposed I'd have preferred to see that in an epilogue some time later after she moved to KansasAnyway it was good to see the Watsons again Waiting for next book

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    Do Or Die Bridesmaid ended up being a really good read Laura and Conor were constantly trying to stay a step ahead of the bad guys while attempting to solve the murder of Laura’s friend Chloe The bad guys are easily identified but their reasons were not In the midst of everything Laura and Conor’s easy rapport and newly realized attraction kept their relationship in the forefront of the story and I enjoyed seeing them work through Conor’s hang ups Getting a peek into the Watson family in Kansas City was also extra fun

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