Down to the Bone Summary Ý 2

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Down to the Bone
  • Justina Robson
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
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Down to the Bone

Justina Robson ß 2 Free download

Eil between the worlds is tearing and if it fails altogether all bets are offSomeone has to do something and it looks like it's going to have to be LilaIs attitude enough to get you through life and deathWill it get you a happy endi. I really enjoyed this series but it is very packed with details you can't miss I found myself having to re read some bits several times to really get all that was going on Robson did a great job and I especially loved that the different races actually had moral differences that she fully committed to and did not condemn A lot of authors tend to do that as a way to confirm their way of life and it's not the worst thing in the world but I really treasure the authors that dodge that trapI will definitely read books by Robson

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THE GAP BETWEEN THE WORLDS WAS SO THIN IN PLACES YOU COULD ALMOST STEP ACROSS WITHOUT MEANING TOLila Black can still turn into a lethal war winning machine with the merest thought but she doesn't work for the agency any Problem is s. First a warning only slightly no synopsis of previous events is included so you might end up like me being a bit confused by everything that has gone before Rather like trying to read the The Return of the King without having read the previous books in the trilogy That being said it was worth the confusion for me to get through the first parts and pick up the cues that helped to fill in the back story Former Rock gods demons elves with tails cyborgs dragons golems etc etcFully populated worlds that overlap mix and mingle to provide a very interesting whole And always remember when traveling in strange worlds the societal rules change Worse than being American going to India and trying to order a hamburgerThere is no returning King here but our heroes have to defeat a would be dragon and save all the worlds Not to end up the rulers or great heroes but to have a chance at the life they choose Along the way there is loss hardship pain and betrayal© Night Owl Reviews

Review Down to the Bone

He has no idea what to do nextTeazle is a demon who may have become Death's AngelZal is a has been elven musician without a bandThey don't add up to much and when they get together major stuff goes downBut the dead are walking the v. Dammit now I want to go back to the beginning and start again I'd say these would be best experienced read closely together it took me a while to remember who everyone was and what their relationship was to everyone Lila Black is integrated with her lethality Zal is shadow than person an elven musician who has no band and his memories are very patchy There's also Teazle a demon who is becoming an angel and possibly Death's Angel Lila has been married to both but isn't sure which one she really wants to be with or whether she has to make a choiceThe dead are rising walking through the world and no one is sure why The borders between the worlds is a mess and the three of them are pivotal to the survival of all worlds There are times when it lags and I should have read it sooner to reading the last but it was a blast

About the Author: Justina Robson

Justina is from Leeds a city in Yorkshire in the north of England She always wanted to write and always did Other things sometimes got in the way and sometimes still dobut not too much