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    This is one of the best if not the best book I have ever readThe amount of research and time that must have gone into creating this masterpiece Historical controversies are explained so beautifully and logically The explanations of historical facts leave you in awe It is a very creative take on the miseries of human society with India in the background This is a poignant reminder how deeply interconnected and similar the entire human society is and how we all should come together to solve its deep challenges and problemsI am highly impressed with the writing of the author This is a well deserved 'Sahitya Academy Award' winner

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    This was a fantastic read Covered a lot of diversified historical topics Rendered alternate versions of history from prominent personalities point of view Digesting all of it was slightly troublesome as I'm not aware of the regular history depicted and so there were no boundaries for me between actual and alternate versions Thanks to my reading buddy Sri for deciphering many internal layers and chalking them out for easy consumption What I Loved1 First person dialogues of many famous personalities bringing them all together in the same courtroom From Babar to Aurangzeb Lord Mountbatten to Jinnah Mythological figures from Egypt Greece Sumeria whole lot of characters2 Tightly packed and delivers multiple heavy punches3 Passionately written The Urdu mixed prose is slightly heavy yet magical4 Personification of behavior places and what not like Indian tehzeeb Ganga river Hiroshima and Nagasaki5 There is an explosive open letter in the 3rd chapter Had me hooked right from the beginningBut then there are way too many things discussed condoned and accused which caused focus shift at many instancesIn a nutshell you don't come across such brilliant art forms often This is a must re read kind of stuff

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    This is a classic Hindi language novel drawing comparisons with European and Hindi mythology which unfortunately made little sense to me as I have been brought up in the Islamic culture but the bits of the novel which were based on history were highly engaging I loved the concept of using an author as a judge because authors are judging history when they pen it down on But I found it hard to digest the author's very one sided view of history especially when he had the luxury of inviting all its main characters to his court Mountbatten refused to answer any uestions while the other main players in Pakistan like Jinnah Nehru and Gandhi were never called to his court Also the 'goras' were blamed for the creation of all Pakistan's in the world examples randomly picked hundreds of years before the creation of the author's protagonist motif of Pakistan So if Cortez was responsible for creating many Pakistan's in the Aztec kingdom than for me the idea was always there so instead of using Pakistan as a motif the author should have picked up some other partition like Sykes Picok division of the Middle East right after the first WW? And that is why I feel the author has gone the extra mile to prove that Pakistan was a Conservative English plot to make sure India never challenged the might of England The weakness of the author's argument was evident during the uestioning of Mountbatten when a number of seeping accusations were made without waiting for any answers from the English The strength of the author is clearly his storytelling ability Its a pity he chose to stop engaging freely into story telling instead of presenting history in a much prejudicial manner

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    Poor uality despite good themeThere was no need of sexual descriptions which shows perversion of the writer Writer has written a wrong fact that Hydrogen Bomb was exploded in Nagasaki Hydrogen Bomb was first exploded much later This information could have been obtained from WikipediaThese mistakes put a uestion mark on the credibility of other data Indian Army has been insulted in describing rape of a woman before her paralysed husbandScandalous averments have also been made unnecessarily against Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru I am surprised how such a book could get Academy Award?

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    There is a famous sh'er by Indian poet Muzaffar Razmi Ye jabr bhi dekha hai taarikh ki  nazron ne lamhon ne khata ki  thi sadiyon ne sazaa paayiMeaning History has been a witness to this tragedy that mistakes of moments have brought sufferings to mankind for millenniaThis book by Kamleshwar is an account of study of all those moments in the history of humankind because of which the centuries till the present day is getting punishment Somewhere I read a review of this book and the reviewer complained that the book is very monotonous But when I read the book I found the book is not monotonous but it is history and the human lust for power and control which is monotonous The book rips off the glorious history and introduces us with the hard hitting gruesome history which is written by the blood of countless human beings The author successfully proves that the Pakistan created in 1947 was not only Pakistan ever created It is a tradition in the human history to create a Pakistan in every era The author has done a tremendous amount of research and the best thing about the novel is it has no structure just the unbiased court of conscience which is shared by Adeebs of each and every civilisation and era beyond  the boundaries of time  A Hard Hitting Eye Opener5 Stars

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    A very interesting experiment and spell binding in places overall I found it too dramatic and preachy The device of having multiple scholars historical figures and others present in a court that spans across time and space is uite interesting The court moves from century to century and city to city tracing the threads of history trying to untangle them uestions are raised some are answered others are not Overall it is not a bad introduction to the historical process for someone who is not familiar with itThe love story of the protagonist was distracting I got the point of it by the end but still feel that the book would not have lost much by leaving it out By the 100 page mark I was almost bored but decided to go on and it did get better The part dealing with Aurangzeb and Dara Shikoh is the strongest

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    अदीब की वक्त की अदालत से निकली एक कालजई रचना। This book sets a new benchmark in modern Hindi literature and announces the advent of magic realism in hindi story telling The reader is taken on a temporal and spatial ride with each page extracting confessions from tyrants throughout the ages The book discusses the contemporary events through the lens of past and future In the end it leaves the reader on a hopeful note that how much so ever powerful the evil becomes; in the end it is simple acts of human love for another human and तहजीब tehjib developed over centuries of evolution that will always triumph A Gandhi will always be born to heal the wounds of the world given by a Hitler

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    I recommend this book for all Hindi speaking people This book contains the essence of what the current world is suffering from Breaking of masses countries just on the basis of religion is not good In a very humorous but insightful way the author asks very subtle uestion of When will this maniac aspiration of people to create new Pakistans stop? When will we understand the uote that we are listening to from our childhood United we stand divided we fall

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    The book traces the violence the mankind is witnessing in this globalised era A philosophical book on contemporary violence

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किस्तान में कुल कितने राज्य है। States of Pakistan और पाकिस्तान के जिले अब हम जानते हैं कि पाकिस्तान में कितने जिले हैं चलिए जानते है पाकिस्तान में कुल जिले ह भारत में और कितने पाकिस्तान बनाओगे – भारत में और कितने पाकिस्तान बनाओगे भारत में और कितने पाकिस्तान बनाओगे admin August August political thought कश्मीर में पाकिस्तानी झंड़े फहराये जाते हैं और पाकिस् हिंदुस्तान में कितने पाकिस्तान Navbharat पर मेरे लिए पाकिस्तान का मतलब है घर में बंटवारा करने या करवानेवाले लोग दूसरों की संपत्ति पर कब्ज़ा जमाना दूसरों को धोखा देना अपना धर्म समझनेवाले लोग पाकिस्तान में कितन A very interesting experiment and spell binding in places ove Visual Communication: Images with Messages 7th Edition experiment and spell binding in places ove

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राज्य हैं उनके नाम Gk To पाकिस्तान में कितने राज्य हैं – pakistan me kitne rajya hai पाकिस्तान दक्षिण एशिया में भारतीय उपमहाद्वीप के उत्तर पश्चिम में स्थित एक देश है। मुस्लिम राष्ट्र का पाकिस्तान के मंत्री की भारत पर परमाणु हमले की पाकिस्तान के रेल मंत्री शेख रशीद अहमद ने एक बार फिर भारत के साथ परमाणु युद्ध की बात कही है। वह पहले भी ऐसा कई बार कहते आए हैं कि अगर भारत ने पाकिस्तान पर पाकिस्तान में कुल कितने राज्य है। States of पाकिस्तान में कुल कितने राज्य है। States of Pakistan May विदेश ज्ञान Pakistan me kitne rajya hai – पाकिस्तान में वर्तमान में कुल राज्य हैं जिनके नाम निम्नलिखित हैं I recommend this book for all Hindi speaking people This book