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A Spark in the Darkness

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To a dark path that was filled with light She encourages the reader to look and to ask for their own sparks during dark experiencesFull of hope and inspiration A Spark in the Darkness delivers the messages that there is a purpose and a reason for every life and that life is truly go.

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Though author Karen Higgs Faretta has lived through some dark and traumatic times she was never left without a spark a glimmer of hope In this memoir she shares the story of her life against the backdrop of those dark moments revealing how the spark was always there and how it helpe. Sir Gawain and The Green Knight revealing how the spark was always there and how it helpe.

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D form the person she is today a person who has peace and joy within herselfA Spark in the Darkness narrates the difficult times in Higgs Faretta's life the death of her oldest daughter a divorce a brain aneurysm and subseuent paralysis on her left side The dark experiences led her.

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    I received a free copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaways program in exchange for an honest review It is not a spoiler to reveal that the spark is of course hope Through all the hard times in her life Karen Higgs Faretta has always been able to ask for and find a bit of hope to see her throughThis is a memoir written by a person with honesty and integrity not just sharing her own experiences but offering hope to others who might be encountering similar problems in their own lives Here and there throughout this slim volume I found little nuggets of wisdom worth keepingI also found some errors that a good editor would have caught At one time for example she refers to medical science helping several trillions of people Um a bit of hyperbole here the entire population of the world today is about 7½ billionI would have enjoyed it if Higgs Faretta had spent time talking about her life her family the divorce how she spends her time I really don't feel I got to know who she is at all by reading this book To be fair that wasn't her purpose she wants to encourage people by telling them to look for hope But it would have been nice

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    I received this book through a goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review I wanted very badly to like this book This autobiography touches on tough subjects such as the death of a child divorce and living in low income housing It had the potential to be motivating and touching but came out sounding like a list of facts without emotion There was also a lot of repetition which was unnecessary and a lot of generalizing over personalizing I don't feel like I got to know much of anything about the characters so I had a hard time connecting emotionally with them or the book The message was a nice one but with better writing it could have been a lot powerful

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