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Stealing Home


When Paige’s latest attempt at happily ever after with a nice guy tanks she decides to uit fighting her destiny She craves bad boys Men who deliver short term panty melting excitement not reliability and settling down If she’s going to embrace her true nature who bett. DnF at 75%Slight spoilersI really liked how this started off The banter was great the sex was hot even the horny heroine and alpha hero didn't put me off But as I read on I realised the story has no clear direction except for the heroine to mess up time and time again And I would have normally been fine with it once or twice but three times is when I call it uits Also I found a lot of the jokes overused There's only so many times they can joke about sucking that it starts to not be funny Anyways I'm sorry KD I still love your other books


N was a rough road but things are good aside from his MIA muse When a chance meeting with a blonde firecracker stirs his creative juices and Alex is game to see where their chemistry leads Trouble is his potential Miss Right thinks she’s only capable of playing the fie. I really enjoyed Stealing Home I loved Paige and Alex’s first meeting and Paige's feisty sarcastic personality although I did find her very frustrating at times She had relationship issues stemming from her parent’s marriage that resulted in her having major trouble with committing The constant pushing and pulling she did with Alex was very frustrating I wanted to shake some sense into her She kept pushing away a man who in my opinion was pretty damn perfect And let's talk about that man shall we Alex was everything I would ever want all wrapped up in one hot tattooed package sexy funny smart talented caring protective great with kids had a great relationship with his family and was yumm i ly dirty and bossy when it counted If I had to sum him up in one word it would be delicious So Damn Delicious Paige and Alex’s banter was fantastic and the development of their relationship felt natural and believable Their chemistry was very strong right from the very start and the sexy times were very hot Let's just say between the dirty talk and his moves Alex knew what he was doing between the sheets Paige was a very lucky girl I felt the characters were very well developed and I felt a connection to them immediately I'm a huge baseball fan so I loved how it played a big part in the story The only negative for me in Stealing Home was Paige's constant back and forth on her feelings for Alex I understood her motivation but I eventually became annoyed with her She wavered so many times at one point I wondered why he kept taking her backOverall I greatly enjoyed this book Karla Doyle is one of my favorite authors If you are a fan of hot and sweet contemporaries you should definitely give her books a try


Er to start with than the dark haired tattooed ballplayer whose cocky attitude gives her thrills than any steady boyfriend ever hasAlex had major league plans for his life until it threw him an unexpected and unwelcome curve ball Switching gears to pursue his other passio. I was kind of disappointed in this book which made me sad because I love the author The love scenes were great I didn't have too much of an issue with those My problem was that there was way too much going on I understand romance novels need a secondary plot sometimes but this one had way too many There was her issues with her family his stuff with his family her best friend's marital problems and pregnancythere was just so much And while I don't mind an indecisive heroine who can't uite make up her mind this one just took a total 180 I won't spoil anything but there were some things she did that I'm not sure I would be as forgiving aboutAnyways like I said I love Karla Doyle and I'm looking forward to her next book I just didn't care too much for this one

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  • Stealing Home
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  • 04 January 2019
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About the Author: Karla Doyle

Karla grew up in a small town on the north shore of Lake Erie She trained and worked in the fashion industry designing and making everything from swimwear to dog collars for most of her adult life In 2011 Karla traded her sewing machines for a keyboard and now spends her time writing sexy romances When she's not writing she loves spending time with family friends and pets reading romance