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Three sisters Primrose Juana and Isabel were the toasts of wartime London One stayed single one. I'm not sure if I have ever read a novel in which sex w Refined Tastes have ever read a novel in which sex w


Mity but the past waits to claim them with the guilt laden memory of their long lost step siste. Started off good with a potential family feud but as ti

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Married for money and one for love Thirty five years on they have been separated by age and en. I loved this as a kid because it was the sort of thing

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    I'm not sure if I have ever read a novel in which sex was such a motivating force sex for pleasure revenge entertainment affection and finally as an expression of true love So if you like a book with lots of sex this is it I found it a bit much at times but having said that I still really enjoy reading Kate Saunders and I plan to finish all her adult novels she is an award winning author of young adult books too She is a clever and amusing author and certainly a creative one I'll leave it to other reviewers to describe her modern day twist on Snow White who is far from snowy in this book but it was highly entertaining

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    I loved this book in many ways and it left me thinking and feeling it days afterThe character Lily Josephine is so believable and although I thought it got a bit silly with all of the brothers and the Dad I felt her love and was actually sad when she died I was sad though when the book ended A book that could easily have been too comical to believe but it worked

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    It's a loose updating of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs but don't let that put you off A story that will carry you along and characters that are as real as the people around you Kate Saunders hasn't written enough books we need

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    Loved this book Excellent plot

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    I loved this as a kid because it was the sort of thing my mother would never let me read But after a while I got to like it just for the intelligent insightful way it's written

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    Wonderful beautiful book

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    Honestly I am a little bit perplexed as to how I shall rate this book Should I blame the publisher for making a very poor show of the description of the back cover? After all I spent the first 50 pages or so flipping to the back cover and asking myself What is this book about exactly? and Who is Lily Josephine? Well it would appear that perhaps the greatest confusion is that book begins in 1981 but will in the following chapters take readers back in time and then flip back to the present I have dealt with split narrators and different time periods before but felt this book seemed to plod on for a bit Confused?? Here I shall try and make sense of the plot In essence Lily Josephine is a 20th century spin on the Grimm brothers fairy tale about Snowdrop aka Snow White Lily Josephine is the Snow White of this tale The book first indulges itself in detailing the lives of the evil stepmother the beautiful Sidonia and her three daughters Primrose Juana and Isobel We learn that the men were just filled with mad lust for Sidonia and three different men provided her with the aforementioned daughters In the present storyline of 1981 the three women are now in their adult years their mother has just died and they have lingering guilt over the disappearance of their stepsister Lily Josephine A name that we don't hear for uite awhile in the beginning of the book Then we shift to the story of pathetic Ralphie and the ill fated Helen who will turn out to be Lily Josephine's parents Helen basically dies giving birth Lily Josephine who is brought up with love by the faithful servants Gladys and Tufton All is right in Lily's world until World War II and Ralphie and Sidonia's terrible idea to marry and blend their families together T R O U B L E and lots of melodrama ensue which prompts Lily to flee the home of her birth in the middle of the nightThen she meets the Randalls aka the seven dwarfs A father and his six sons living in the middle of the woods Lily begs to stay with these men and help clean house Here begins a slippery slope of sex lies and banjo playing Naïve and innocent Lily Josephine soon finds herself in love ahem rather a young girl's sexual awakening with each men in turn and there is tons of bumping and grinding going on in the little cottage in the woodsBack in the present day Sidonia's granddaughter Sophie and Octavius Lily's son embark on a relationship and a uest to finally lay Lily's memory to rest Oh and find out which one of the Randall men might actually be his fatherThere were plenty of background characters I liked but I am reluctant to say that the book held my attention all the way through Nor do I really believe I even liked Lily Josephine How do I rate it? I cannot say that I hated it because I did read the whole book Nor can I say that it was it was amazing or that I really liked it As I read my review I cannot lie and say that I liked it either So whether the book rightly deserves it or not it is two star for me

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    Thinly disguised soft porn Should have been warned by the fact that Jilly Cooper liked it

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    Started off good with a potential family feud but as time went on the story got and unbelievable and boring

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    Started off good with a potential family feud but as time went on the story got and unbelievable and boring

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