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Captive Lover Harleuin Romance #2910

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As a charity fund raiserThe reality of being bait for the escapade had Helen wishing she'd stayed home Jay Keller's public image as the sex symbol of the centur 165 السجانة من روايات احلامأن تخطف

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He was dangerously sexy and her hostageHelen wished she'd never ever let herself get caught up in her brother Ricky's crazy scheme to kidnap celebrity Jay Keller Love it بیست و چهار ساعت در خواب و بیداری in her brother Ricky's crazy scheme to kidnap celebrity Jay Keller Love Getting Justice and Getting Even: Legal Consciousness among Working-Class Americans it

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Y turned out to be no exaggerationBut Helen's predicament didn't end there Ricky meant to stow Jay away in her spare bedroom and leave Helen to do the explaining قرأتها مترجمة باسم السجانة من ضمن

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    Love it

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    Sometimes people read things because they are too young to know what they are exactly reading Sometimes they just need a good laugh

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    165 السجانة من روايات احلامأن تخطف جوانا المغني الشهير ستيف مور وتسجنه في شقتها لهو أمر سهل أما أن تطلق سراحه فهذا ما بدا مستحيلا وتوسلت جوانا سجينها ـ أرجوك لن تستطيع البقاء فقد انتهت اللعبة ـ لك عينان جميلتان يستحيل على معظم الرجال مقاومتها ولكن براءتك المزيفة لن تخدعني سأبقى ماذا ستفعل بعدما انقلبت الأدوار و أصبح الاثنان سجينين هي سجينة غلطتها وهو سجين رغبته في الانتقام؟

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    Lovely story For a change the guy is not a ruthless Russian billionaire or a heartless Italian tycoon He is a simple sweet farmer from rural England who sometimes stands in for his rock star twin brotherNo the rock star is not the hero the farmer is the hero What a relief having an ordinary real and likable man as hero The girl is cute too though somewhat naive for her age of mid twenties She keeps the hero hostage in her house because she wants to raise funds for some hospital charity But its not the rock star kidnapped but the sweet farmer brotherOf course they get along superbly And when he is about to confess his true identity she stops him Why because he was about to do it in the middle of their lovemaking Fair enough I agree with her priorities Turns out the rock star finally plays match maker amidst a lot of confusion and jealousy Overall refreshing read Lovable down to earth hero 4 stars mainly due to him

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    Helen reluctantly helps her brother pull a college prank to raise money for kidney research Kidnapping and holding for ransom rock star Jay Keller ends up as a prank on her when she falls in love and finds out he is really Calder Hyde filling in for his secret identical twin brotherA really nice story

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    قرأتها مترجمة باسم السجانة من ضمن سلسلة روايات أحلام

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    Good start and sweet

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