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Women Religion Peacebuilding

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S from peacebuilders both women and menUltimately Women Religion and Peacebuilding is a call to change the paradigm of peacebuilding inside and outside of the world s faiths to strengthen women s abilities to work for peace and in turn improve the chances that major efforts to end conflicts around the world succeedEDITORS Susan Hayward and Katherine MarshallCONTRIBUTORS Maryann Cusimano Love S Ayse Kadayifci Orellana Dena Merriam Lucy Kurtzer Ellenbogen Margaret Jenkins Bilkisu Yusuf Kathleen McGarvey Etin Anwar Andrea K Blanch Esther Hertzog Ibtisam Mahameed Zilka Spahic iljak Monica A Maher Anjana Dayal Prewitt Jacueline Oge

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Many women working for peace around the world are motivated by their religious beliefs whether they work within secular or religious organizations These women often find themselves sidelined or excluded from mainstream peacebuilding efforts Secular organizations can be uncomfortable working with religious groups Meanwhile religious institutions often dissuade or even disallow women from leadership positions Women Religion and Peacebuilding Illuminating the Unseen shows how women determined to work for peace have faced these obstacles in ingenious ways suggesting by example ways that religious and secular organizations might be

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Tter include them in larger peacebuilding campaigns and make those campaigns effective in ending conflictThe first part of the book examines the particular dynamics of women of faith working toward peace within Catholicism Islam Buddhism Hinduism and Judaism The second part contains case studies of women peacebuilders in Africa Latin America Europe the Middle East and Asia detailing how their faiths have informed their work what roles religious institutions have played as they have moved forward what accomplishments have resulted from their efforts and what challenges remain An appendix of interviews offers further perspective

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    Clear eyed assessment of the ways in which religious women here highlighted from Catholicism Islam Hinduism and Buddhism have and can be instrumental in peace processes and stability operations Marshall's contributors are frank about the limitations of male dominated diplomatic delegations the problems of women's efforts being below the radar for their safety the end of conflict pushes to return women to traditional roles affecting inclusion of women in the process the ambiguities of dealing with women who are or have been active combatants in the conflict religious and secular NGO clashes over the treatment of rape survivors advantages of informal networks to gain information sometimes crucial information from the ground that male authorities can't access and leveraging the long established reputations of local women as negotiators

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