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Hope and Glory

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Teauroux monasteryIn spite of popular gossip Hope is no saint but a gifted healer and diviner held prisoner by the evil abbot of Chateauroux When the Black Flame arrives Hope vows revenge for her people and tries to kill the infamous soldier But she doesn't expect the handsome warrior to show mercy to. Katherine Sutcliffe has written a book about warring between England and France during the 12th century This is not the type of novel I read; however I’d just finished another of her books and decided to try this one As soon as I found it was a medieval tale I decided to put it down – as soon as I finished the page However this book captured my interest before I finished that pageIn 1164 a seer tells Lord Godfrey that his son will one day destroy the family name As the son Roland de Gallienne grows; his father remains hostile and ambivalent towards him Roland learns to become a knight; eventually he becomes a serious warrior for King Henry IIAs our story opens Roland has been fighting outside of England for three years He and his men are weary and decide to stop at Chateauroux Monastery Soon he is caught up in the mysterious activities of the abbot and a local healerThe abbot has imprisoned the healer Hope and her brother Daniel The abbot uses Hope to get citizens of the area to donate rare and beautiful gifts They are begging Hope to heal them or their loved ones There are some mystical elements to this story; once the reader suspends disbelief in these features the story is compellingBe warned there are gruesome components of this story including cannibalism and beheadings

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Can a man who wins a war also conuer a woman’s heartVillage and nation alike tremble under the wrath of Roland de Gallienne also called the Black Flame loyal mercenary soldier to Henry II of England Now weary of war he seeks peace for his soul at the healing hands of the saint rud to live in the Cha. I found the roughness of the male characters accurate for the Middle Ages rather than trying to place a modern man in 1100 What I did find distracting were historical inaccuracies such as English peasants harvesting corn Really Corn is a New World crop and cannot possibly exist in England before the Age of Exploration I wanted to kill the prognosticating hag myself by the end of the book but I found Roland believable I also liked Hope and wanted her to find love and a better future than it seemed would be her fate In general a nice little read but I doubt I will read it again If you want a much better Sutcliffe read try Bad Moon Rising

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Free her from her prison and to take her with him to England Now as the battle between nations is coming to an end Hope must fight a new struggle with tender feelings for her arrogant guardian For though Roland was her enemy she must stand with him in a new fight against forces that may tear them apa. Ich habe kaum bei einem Buch so viel herzhaft gelacht wie hierNagut das war vielleicht nicht so von der Autorin beabsichtigt aber ich hab es genossen and I got hooked on romance novels ;

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Katherine Sutcliffe was born an only child in East Texas After working for a time at an oil company and as a headhunter for a computer personnel company Sutcliffe decided in 1982 to uit her job and attempt to write a novel Three years later she sold her first book Desire and Surrender to Avon Books She works eight hours a day five to seven months a year Sutcliffe also attempts to find a si

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