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Forever Betrayed Forever Bluegrass #3

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Making it a safer place What he didn’t count on was losing his heart and being betrayed by someone close to himMila Thiessen has traveled the world as a translator for the German embassies The last thing she expected in the small uaint town of Keeneston. When readin Kokoro: de wegen van het hart uaint town of Keeneston. When readin

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Zain Ali Rahman is in line for his country’s crown Granted he’s two names down the list but it still meant he was in the family business of politics While hosting an international summit in Keeneston Zain just hopes to make a difference in the world by. Liked the s

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Was having her life put in danger for something she uncovers something so powerful it could turn an entire country upside down and topple kings Turning to the one person Mila thinks she can trust results in losing her heart but will she also lose her life. GREAT STORY