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Taming a Raven Galactic Lust #1

Kathleen Lash ✓ 8 summary

Oding general who commands it To accomplish the mission and keep her clan safe she must trust and serve GageAs Reina deploys her powers to aid the Governance Gage learns that controlling and taming his raven reuires than he first imagined Military protoc liked this book a lot in the beginning and then the creepy part of the hero came up the surface i'm guessing this is geared towards domsub fans wout the whips and chains it was about control and i didn't dig that at all finished it though but only to see whether the heroine ended up totally spineless nope wouldn't recommend BUT this author's second book which is a preuel to this one far far better

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Ol is forgotten as he uses her sexual hunger to teach trust restraint and control Her ultimate willingness to submit could mean the difference between life and death Reader Advisory There’s a short scene of FF pleasure watched by our hunky hero of cour DNF THE BOOK WAS OK I HAD TO STEP AWAY FROM THE BOOK BUT COULDN'T GET MYSELF TO GET BACK INTO IT

summary ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Kathleen Lash

After technology fails the Governance Gage is sent to fetch a raven tracker to locate the president's abducted son He acuires her from a warm arousal scented breeding bedReina is captivated by every aspect of the battle vessel Raze and the handsome foreb Gage he's protective you'll die if you harm her again He ripped the damn thing apart and threw the pieces against the wall Bring me her clothes Reina she'swelldifferent and she's so innocent and everything seems new to her and if you didn't A dawning came You'd have a beard like some men You mean the hair on one's face is intentional Gage takes it upon himself to teach Reina things she wouldn't likely be taught when a man's between your legs and in your mouth you should use his given name Gage is the type of man who'd do anything to see his girl smile anything Lady if you'll use my given name and stop your tears They go into me and I like not what I feel

About the Author: Kathleen Lash

Kathleen Lash wrote her first novel with a friend at thirteen She eventually married the “bad boy who a few decades later provides wild times and stability Working full time as a supervisor she holds a Bachelor's in business and continues to rebuild the highly affordable uniue fixer upper Leisure hours are packed with writing stock car racing demolition derby driving Toyota bonfires

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