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After enduring a horrific childhood William Jackson lives a solitary existence working as a computer programmer from his Minnesota home His safe routine is blown to pieces when the daily sight of an unknown woman walking her dog sends his heart into a tailspinJenny Fitzgerald’s love life is at a definite low Her only potentia. There was just something I really loved about this book It was sweet and after I had finished reading it I just felt happyIt could have been longer in all honesty and the issues involved explored deeply and I would have happily read it But it left me with such a lovely warm feeling after reading it it is hard to fault that It had some great side characters with some humorous moments It did include a scene some ppl may find difficult to read view spoiler a violent near rape hide spoiler

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Ntil it explodes in a brutal act of violence that tears Jenny’s life apart Will struggles to help her rebuild her courage and sense of self as his own demons and fragile memories threaten their chance at happiness but perhaps they can learn to heal each otherReader Advisory This book contains a realistic violent near rape sce. 45Will starsI absolutely loved Will He is such a sweet shy hot loving loyal mysterious man Jenny was awesome to but at times I found her and Christian alittle annoyinghaha idk why There were some triggers that were a little stressful to read about Very enjoyable readmainly will lolsafety remembrance of a prior rape and a detailed attempt rape Other then that safety gang safe

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L date in sight is her annoying and creepy coworker Evan until a stunning man appears before her like a gift from some kindly sex god Who is she to turn down what’s offered to her on a hunky blond platterWill and Jenny’s friendship develops as their hunger grows into love Meanwhile a jealous Evan watches his rage building u. ehwellno I didn't like it that muchit started out good Oh well apart from the fact that the word ccklength and erection was mentioned a little to often right from the beginningI like the idea of Will seeing her from his window and finally working up enough courage to actually go out to meet her the sweet and shy man meeting the adorable and uite uirky girlThe sweetshy virgin that never once told her she was his first everythingand he sure was a talent at many things Ooa little light spoiler aheada virgin that has no problem lastingand performing the first time he not only has sex but from what you read also the first kissthe first naked breast oh hell even the first time he's even close to a womanand get this he does not only last and makes it good for her AND he tries a little anal fingeringjeee impressive or whatand I'm likeehno he would have blowed he's load right away and he would never ever play with the backdoor on his first timeand on the second time visit to the “backdoor” it was pretty much wham bam thank you mamhe was pounding away like you wouldn't believe it and she's like yeah uh yeah PREPARATION maybe and a lot less pounding would be a good ideaI can't believe I'm about to write thisBUTit would actually have been better without the sexThe basics are a really sweet and fun love story but with the sexbad pornoI like sex in a bookyou know having a dirty mind and allbut not just sexit has to be chemistry and feelings and build up and a few kisses written by the right author kisses can be sizzling hot believable characters and believable sexoh wait is there good pornuh well probably not so ok without the feelings and chemistry its like a porno with really ugly people and guys with really small dcks

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