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Almost An Animal Alphabet

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For fans of Bruno Munari's Zoo and Andrew Zuckerman's Creature ABC Almost an Animal Alphabet is a uirky combination of alphabet and almost animal book introducing young children to the letters of the alphabet via a collection of appealingly drawn critters With a gently humorous sensibility and a uniue illustrative style Almost an Animal This one has to be one of my all time favorite alphabet books The illustrations are both educational and fun There's lot of little humorous touches And a child can actually stand to learn something than just letters as they go through this book This is one I wouldn't mind reading over and over again which is of course the true test of a picture book

SUMMARY Almost An Animal Alphabet

Ed by its simple elegant style and the uirky emotional appeal of the animals   • Katie's art has a textural uality and an artisanal feeling that is enhanced by the matte paper over board cover of  Almost an Animal Alphabet  making this a great gift for design obsessed parents and possibly cross over to non parents who like the art This is a beautiful concept book for the very young that will also please the adult readingsharing the book The illustrations are soft and sweet and there are plenty of opportunities to add some counting for additional engagement with the reader Many of the letters illustrate multiple examples of the animalfor example B is for Bears features eight different bears all of them labeled E is for Elephant is a two page spread illustrating the differences between Asian and African Elephants Such a beautiful book


Alphabet is a perfect choice for pre readers who love animals• Why is it called Almost An Animal Alphabet There are actually 21 animals 1 extinct animal 3 non animals for N U and X and 1 imaginary animal for Y can you guess It's a yeti• Alphabet books are perennial sellers popular with parents and as gifts this one is distinguish This is a really beautifully illustrated book which is such a simple way to introduce children to the alphabet animals from all over the world and new language I really enjoyed reading this book

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