Fates Fulfilled Eldritch Legacy #3 summary Ò 8

Fates Fulfilled Eldritch Legacy #3

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Een two men undecided between dominance or submission Marissa must choose the lover who truly meets her needsMeanwhile rich and spoiled Devon is free to embrace his vampire fantasies and study the path of the Magi When he meets fetish model Celeste Dupree he finds a woman willing to explore his darkest dreams But as he and Celeste ride the razor's edge together they must control the dangerous power their passion unleashesDrawn to the dark side of the undergr.

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Marissa Blackwell and Devon Eldritch are first cousins best friends and heirs to a winery fortune Before claiming their inheritance they must survive for two years without their family's moneyStreet smart Marissa is up for the challenge By day she works in the corporate world while by night she explores the BDSM scene Gorgeous photographer Gareth Neville lures out her Dominant side but it's a mysterious masked Dom who learns her most secret desires Torn betw.

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Ound each cousin finds the darker side of man After a set of grisly murders Devon is tagged the primary suspect In proving his innocence Devon and Marissa's unusual legacy unfolds and the fate of the Eldritches comes full circleSurviving it is only the beginning Publisher's Note Contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse BDSM theme and content knife play spanking vampirism violenc.

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    The Eldritch Legacy follows this one powerful family through the ages from medieval times to regency and now to the modern day Marissa Blackwell is the only child of a drunken father and a deceased mother when her uncle Trevor finds her and brings her back into the Eldritch fold There she meets and becomes close to her cousin Devon Eldritch The two of them are uite complimentary for all of Marissa's realism and Devon's whimsy When they come to a photo shoot run by Gareth Neville and Devon happens to meet gorgeous goth pinup Celeste Dupree it seems as though this is going to be just another romantic story with BDSM overtonesBut then women begin to go missing First of all it's Celeste's BPD housemate who goes from missing to dead and opens up a conspiracy the likes of which have not been seen since the movie Hot FuzzI did like some of the references to the previous books in the series though I feel as though the book leaned on them perhaps a little bit too much by the end Despite that the very ending was I think a satisfying one for readers of this trilogy

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    Actual rating 35 Stars

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