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Tle Daigoro guards the two blades with his life Indeed his life is threatened when a stampede of villagers escaping a burning village almost plow him into the dirt Impressed townfolk decide to stop and help him staying for a while on the same beach For once Daigoro experiences the joy of being a child playing with the other children but that peace won't last long Yaygu Retsudo imprisoned i genial

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Hooooo doggy The tension is getting so thick a dotanuki wielded by the strongest samurai would have a hard time cutting through it Just two volumes left until one of the world's most classic pieces of comic book literature reaches its exciting and emotional conclusion Two swords remain planted in the ground awaiting the final duel between the conniving Retsudo and the vengeful Itto and lit With each sword stroke another bevy of bodies drop and yet another increasingly shallow

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N the castle of the shögun deceives his way to freedom and commands the very last members of the Yagyu ninja to kill Itto But knowing swords alone won't kill him Yagyu sends a strange and fascinating weapon to the battlefield the exploding ninjaThis volume contains the following stories To Protect and Defend For Whom to Die Way of the Warrior Way of Man Battle's Eve Grass that Never Flowe Tough so much toughnessThe Kusa are an organization that appear since the start of the s

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    With each sword stroke another bevy of bodies drop and yet another increasingly shallow number of still unclosed loops are united with their ends of each mini ouroboros This cyclic swirling brings us ever closer to the deservingly exceptional end of the Lone Wolf saga With few loops still left unclosed the level of action matches the sublimating energy to end all hereWith Retsudo’s prevarications preserved through brilliant political maneuvering view spoilerthe seen and unseen work of various Shinobi allow him the freedom to take the fight back to Lone Wolf hide spoiler

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    The penultimate volume is a grand showdown between the Yagyu Grass an elite shinobi branch of the clan and The Lone Wolf and Cub The volume ends in a very explosive manner it is unstoppable until the very last pageMeanwhile the cunning and intelligence of Retsudo made the shogun himself trust him again in a brilliant but simple deception Retsudo is a desperate old man Though we can see here that he is not afraid of his death What Retsudo wanted is to rebuild the clan and restart again And all will be done if Itto Ogami has been killed A task even he himself master of the Yagyu school is unsure of resulting to a success Thus the summoning of the Grass a necessary insurance to attain victoryBut did the Grass won? I believe not l since there is still this finale volume The final showdown between Retsudo Yagyu and Ogami Itto is all set in this last volume Let it come Let it come

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    Lone Wolf and Cub Vol 27 Battle's Eve Lone Wolf and Cub #27 Kazuo Koike Goseki Kojima

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    The penultimate volume and shit is wild and bloody andwell wild and bloody Fun shit

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    Der Vorabend des KampfesTo Protect and DefendWieder eine schöne Geschichte um Daigoro der den Geist seines Vaters geerbt hat und den Ort des Zweikampfs mit Schwertern markiert beschütztFor Whom to DieDas Gras beschützt den Gärtner Mit Hilfe seiner Shinobi schafft es Retsudo sogar den Shogun persönlich von seiner Treue zu überzeugen Ein sehr beeindruckendes zweiseitiges Bild der in der Decke versteckten Ninjas krönt diese Geschichte mit einem Ah Moment und auch der Schluss der Geschichte in der die Shinobi hinter Retsudo marschieren und dabei immer mehr werden ist äußerst gelungen und atmosphärischWay of the Warrior Way of ManEine zweigeteilte Geschichte Zunächst schwört Retsudo sein Gras auf die Vernichtung Ogami Ittos ein; dann folgt die Ruhe vor dem Sturm Daigoro spielt mit den anderen Kindern als wären die letzten 4 Jahre nicht die Hölle gewesen Man sieht sogar seinen Vater einmal lächeln und die Herzlichkeit der vor dem Brand in Edo geflüchteten Bürger zieht ihn mit Doch bald ist diese Atempause vorbei und die Situation holt Vater und Sohn wieder einBattle's Eve Grasses That Never FlowerDiese beiden Geschichten gehören letztlich zusammen Die übrigen Shinobi sollen laut Retsudos Befehl den einsamen Wolf aufweichen und sie tun das mit ihrem Leben denn die finale Waffe ihren mit Sprengstoff umgürteten Körper sollte doch sogar einen Ausnahmekämpfer wie Itto bezwingen könnenIch war stark versucht den letzten Band direkt im Anschluss zu lesen um endlich die Auflösung zu erfahren Doch ein solches Meisterwerk wie Lone Wolf and Cub muss man genießen und die Vorfreude gehört dazu

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    This whole series really is a masterpiece The penultimate volume was a reminder of all the treasures found in this series a ticket to Edo period Japan epic fights political intrigue social commentary on class death being a warrior being a child and honor I highly recommend this series for anyone interested in the above Amazing

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    Tough so much toughnessThe Kusa are an organization that appear since the start of the story and I've loved them To see them find their fate like that is very toughNow it leaves me with the last volume with heavy boots I'm reading it right now

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    27 down1 to go Boom goes the Yagyu Grass

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