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Orc Bundle

review Orc Bundle

Orc Bundle includes all 7 of the Orcs of the Round Table Stories and 4 Bonus Orc Stories Conuering the ueen Orc knights and one beautiful human ueen Training the ueen Orc knights and two beautiful human ueens Lady in Waiting Orc knights and one beautiful elven Lady in Waiting The Stolen Princess Orc knights and one gorgeou

review Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Keira Locke

S mermaid princess The Courtesan Orc knights and an alluring nymph courtesan The Grand Dowager Orc knights and a glamorous Grand Dowager nymph The Au Pair Orc knights and a stunning half humanhalf gnome au pair Chosen by the Orc Scorching hot OrcHuman Love The Orc Gang's Favorite From lonely dancer in the local shake club

Keira Locke ☆ 3 read & download

To prized mascot for a team of rogball orcs The Orc Within On the outside he's a sweet doting boyfriend but inside He is an out of control ravenous orc The Orc Prince's Naughty Masuerade Party Rich girl to poor girl to an orc prince's most coveted prize These are MFMMMM stories starring gorgeous women and sexy ravenous orc