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The Rabbit Effect

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To explore the invisible factors behind our health But then there were the rabbits In 1978 a seemingly straightforward experiment designed to establish the relationship between high blood cholesterol and heart health in rabbits discovered that kindness in the form of a particularly nurturing post doc who pet and spoke to the lab rabbits as she fed them made the difference between a heart attack and a healthy heart As Dr Kelli Harding reveals in this eye opening book the rabbits were just the beginning of a much larger story Groundbreaking new research shows that love friendship commun. This is an excellent look at the hidden factors behind your health The author explains how for decades western medicine has been obsessed with treating just the body If doctors could treat your cells organs and systems then of course your health problems would be cared for right Not exactly It's becoming accepted that health is a combination of physical mental and social elements The status of any one of those aspects can impact the others in drastic waysI appreciated that this book was written with a vocabulary that will be accessible to the average reader There's a bit of scientific explanation about what happens on top of your DNA epigenetic changes are fascinating your DNA remains what it is but chemical groups can attach to it as you go through various experiences and impact the way your body works even in successive generations but most of the book is anecdotes and interpretation of scientific studies Each chapter ends with a tool kit of ways that you can try to take charge of your own social mental and emotional well beingThe main things I got out of this book were To be healthier it is absolutely vital to stay socially connected to welcome physical touch such as hugs from loved ones to be fully present in the moment as much as possible and to be kind and attentive to others to create a ripple effect of healthier feelings in the community around us This is not just feel good advice but has measurable effects on the inflammatory tendencies of the bodythe very things responsible for many health problemsI would like to try to implement several of the points from this book myself It is definitely worth a read for anyone who is interested in the intersecting paths of health feelings and communityThanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for this advance digital review copy

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Discover an eye opening and provocative new way to look at our health based on the latest groundbreaking discoveries in the science of compassion kindness and human connection For all of its rigor and science medicine is full of stories mysteries that doctors and research cannot explain Patients who are biologically healthy but feel ill Patients who are biologically ill but feel healthy What if these health mysteries could teach us something about what really makes us sick and how to be healthy When Columbia University doctor Kelli Harding began her clinical practice she never intended. The Rabbit Effect Live Longer Happier and Haelthier With the Groundbreaking Science of Kindnessby Kelli Harding MD MPHdue 8 27 2019Atria Books50 50#netgalley #TheRabbitEffectAmazing book and premise One I totally agree with This will empower you to change not just your overall physical health but our mental health by making choices to be kind accepting and inclusive Small choices made daily and our experiences with others create a cultural fabric that has a larger effect on our health than previously thoughtIt began in 1978 when a Columbia University Doctor designed an experiment to establish a correlation between heart health and high blood cholesterol using rabbits She discovered nurturing kindness and interaction made the difference between a heart attack and a healthy heart Feeling supported and cared for made a huge difference in our ability to healThe Whithall Study was started to look for biological factors for heart disease What it uncovered was a link between mind and body a correlation between level of education and physical health Kindness support and inclusion are as much if not healing than medicine alone Dr Engels Biopsychosocial model showed The Hidden Factors in health social experiences can alter DNA through epigenetic processes Community and social ties can help you remain healthyClearly we are missing something in medicine when in 2016 USA ranked 43rd in life expectancy In 2015 life expectancy dropped for the first time in 2 decades In 2017 it dropped againIn maternal care USA ranked 46th the worst rate or maternal deaths in the developed world And out of the 32 wealthiest countries in the world USA is 32nd last place on the health wealth ineualityClearly as a country that spends so much on health care we are missing somethingI believe the mind body connection is such an important idea and premise for our future our health and our well beingKindness is a healerAcceptance is a healerWe need leadership in this country that we can have confidence dignity and pride in following A feeling of hope camaraderie different but eual It's not to lateSmall choiceevery day It mattersPositive energy and acceptance It mattersIt's time to get with itAt the end of each chapter is a Tool Box of ideas suggestions support and helpThis is truly a revolutionary thought and book I highly recommend it for every single personThanks to Netgalley Atria books and the author Kelli Harding for sending this reuested e book ARC for review

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Ity life’s purpose and our environment can have a greater impact on our health than anything that happens in the doctor’s office For instance chronic loneliness can be as unhealthy as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day; napping regularly can decrease one’s risk of heart disease; and people with purpose are less likely to get sick Through provocative storytelling and compelling research Harding presents a new model for you to take charge of your health At once paradigm shifting and empowering T he Rabbit Effect shares a radical new way to think about health wellness and how we liv. This book although chock full of statistics and overviews of scientific experiments is still a must read for anyone who has a heart left for humanity and is disgruntled with the current state of the world Dramatic Yes but now that I have your attention even though personally I do not like to read technical works with lots of data this author makes it palatable and adds sufficient anecdotes and case studies to keep the reader intrigued The title is referring to an experiment with rabbits where they were loved and nurtured while being fed different diets a healthy one and a very unhealthy one and the surprising results arising based on how nurtured they were by the human caregiver I won't give any detail about the outcome to avoid spoilers As I see it however the overall premise of the book is that human connection and love can dramatically affect health in spite of traditional factors of diet and exercise as well as other external influences She does a wonderful job of citing actual scientific evidence with a healthy balance of anecdotal evidence which is great by me because I didn't want to read a science journal and who doesn't enjoy a good story to illustrate examples I believe the stories are real but have names changed to protect the innocent This book is so important in today's hostile political climate where we have mass shootings and lack of civility on social media It scientifically PROVES that human kindness and compassion really do matter It delves into subjects like childhood trauma and includes a psychology aspect but actually substantiates it in case anyone is turned off by what they call psychobabble I will add that you do need to read with an open mind If you cannot get past old beliefs and are dismissive of something you perceive as new age sorry I am a cynic and know way too many people who suffer from serious cognitive dissonance then perhaps you will have difficulty with this book But for anyone who thinks the world needs to change and humanity needs to be better and kinder the concepts in here will have you nodding your head and feeling a renewed sense of hope This book shows actual SCIENCE behind the very much needed concepts of human connection and compassion But that is just my two centsI received and ARC of this book as a PDF from Netgalley

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