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Early days growing up in an isolated rural environment to travelling the world as an acclaimed psychic investigator Kelvin's life story is amazing inspirational and at times heart breaking Walking In. I can say w Beans and Rice, Rice and Beans in an Lords of Misrule: Mardi Gras and the Politics of Race in New Orleans isolated rural environment to travelling the world as an acclaimed psychic The Miracle Match: Chappell, Lillee, Richards and the most electric moment in Australian Cricket investigator Kelvin's life story The Dreadlock Journey is amazing Lunastus inspirational and at times heart breaking Walking In. I can say w

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Kelvin is one of three psychics selected to investigate unsolved murders on the acclaimed TV2 series Sensing Murder now in its second series and one of the country's highest rating TV shows From his. If you have

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Light shares memories of his earliest psychic experiences and his struggles to accept his gift and recalls many of the amazingly accurate communications he has shared with believers and sceptics ali. Really good

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    This book came at a time when my mother was failing and gave me the strength to believe that she would see Dad again It was a great help when she was passing over to the light

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    If you haven't read much about contacting spirits you will enjoy this book I think the book is credible because of all the stories Kelvin shares about his encounters with spirits I attended one of his shows too last month and he his very credible He works hard to verify the spirits talking to him and provides credible information to the person the spirit wishes to communicate with The book could have been edited a bit better It is written in a very down to earth folksy prose with lots of New Zealand idioms so a bit difficult for an American to follow at times Nevertheless it's a very interesting book and brings the author alive

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    A difficult life story told with honesty and humility An easy and good read

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    I can say without hesitation that this is the best autobiography that I've ever read It covers everything about Kelvin's journey in accepting his psychic abilities and what it's like trying to live a normal life with such an abnormal gift It was also interesting and moving hearing about other aspects of his life school being a chef marriage his son It was captivating the whole way through and had such an interesting story that it almost reads like a novel than an autobiography Even though this book is co written you can still really hear Kelvin's voice if you like the way he talks you'll love this book He comes across very genuine and it's written in such a casual way typical of a kiwi I grew up in or freuented or have visited most of the places mentioned in this book which made it all the relatable There are many difficult issues and events that Kelvin has stumbled across throughout his life and this book discusses every one of them thoughtfully Kelvin moves on with lessons learned and ultimately with a positive outlook an everything happens for a reason kind of attitude that I can really identify with

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    For those that don't know Kelvin Cruickshank is a psychic medium from the TV show Sensing Murder hosted by Rebecca Gibney Born and raised in New Zealand Walking In Light is his first book and it was a uick and easy readIn the beginning Kelvin takes us back to his childhood and I was surprised to read about the Maori influences in his upbringing His gift frightened him as a child and it was interesting to find out he is a chef by trade and did this for many years changing jobs uite oftenI was shocked to read about the negative influence of a particular person in Kelvin's life although I'm glad he included this in his autobiography It was clearly an important turning point in his life contributing to his family breakdown and I admire his decision to include itI love watching Sensing Murder and I enjoyed learning about Kelvin and his past although this book isn't for everyone His second book Bridging the Gap was published in April 2011 and I'd definitely like to read it in the future

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    The first of his books I read The whole concept of his giftpowers fascinates me so it was really interesting and thought provoking Written in an easy to read language just like having a chat with Kelvin

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    Really good Nice to know about 'that guy from Sensing Murder'

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    I went to kelvins show a couple of months ago and it was amazing This book however Not so much

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    Interesting insight into Kelvin's life Thanks for sharing your story Kelvin Look forward to meeting you one day in the future

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    Very open and honest about his life Kind of like a friend trusting you with their innermost secrets The good and the bad Loved it

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