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  • Europe @ 2.4Km/h
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  • 06 November 2019
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    Ah travel books What yearnings Even if plans for the next trip are well in hand I’m always beset by the globetrotting bug if I stumble across a new travel bookReading Ken Haley’s new book Europe 24kmh brought into focus my tentative ideas about the literature of travel It seems to me that there are three schools of thought about what it means to find out ‘what a country is like’First there are people who believe that the only way to have an authentic experience of another country is to reside there This involves an effort to belong living in a house not a hotel attending work or school negotiating shopping banking and tradesmen and making new friends As a child I had this kind of travel experience residing on three continents before my age reached double digits Depending on where one travels this can be complicated enormously by the need to learn or improve an unfamiliar langauge or get rid of an accent that marks one as an outsider but always it involves humiliating discoveries when one breaches local custom I discovered this most painfully as a newbie in Australia when my treasured collection of plastic charms as entrée to the school yard was scornfully dismissed in a milieu where swap cards were de rigueur Oh the miseries of childhood linger don’t they? Authors who subscribe to this point of view often write books along the lines of ‘I went to Tuscany and fell in love with it and moved there and now here are my anecdotes about their uaint ways’ These books are often charming self deluded amusingly unconscious of likely attitudes towards their clumsy ignorance of local s and overly preoccupied with plumbing My favourite of these is The Hills of Tuscany by Ferenc MátéTo read the rest of my review please visit

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Europe @ 2.4Km/h

Ken Haley ☆ 1 REVIEW

Hor is not out to break too many speed records and takes comfort in the self delusion that the slower he goes the he sees While searching for true Europeans Haley is embroiled in adventures that range from sharing a house with bank robbers in Norway to taking on the house at Monte Carlo He also turns detective and discovers unsettling truths about his own European family From the Arctic in summer to the Medit.


From the blurbEurope was the first continent to win a name for itself and is the smallest of them all So it should be easy to comprehend and its people should share a common outlook right Wrong In his second book wheelchair traveller Ken Haley crosses the Continent the long way round from Russia to Portugal via the Arctic and finds that Europeans are an endangered species At the stately pace of 24 kmh the aut.

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Erranean in winter Haley is always pushing against the grain but his reward lies in meeting some of the most distinctive charming and outrageous characters imaginable By turns funny serious whimsical and witty Haley's account of the Europeans a people who seem to think Europe is somewhere else will lead you on a twelve nation tour de force covering 26000 km by train bus plane and ship into the heart of Europe.