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Things I Know To Be True

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This is my day I wake up I make oatmeal I eat my oatmeal and I go to the library I go to the library because it is full of words and I trust words They make things realThe year is 1976 Young troubled Vietnam veteran Ch.

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M the library Charlie must remake his world using the tool he's spent years avoiding his own languageA profound exploration of mental illness language and the small grains of light that exist even in the deepest darkne.

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Arlie Harrison spends his days reading in the local library diving into fiction to escape the war story he can't make himself tell But when his fabricated reality's clash with the real world results in his eviction fro.

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    We all know the power of words the harm and praise they can affect the illustrations and emotions they may evoke and indelibly paint in our minds Once in a while a gifted writer churns words pulls them through a ringer and smashes them against a wall in an unexpected array to give the reader a brand new emotional experience This is one of those timesThrough Fortmeyer's vision I was with Charlie all the way; his fears and revelations became my own Such masterful craft ability is what makes a beautiful tellingThings I Know to Be True invited me to explore that soul place where the rich and mysterious power of words can awake sleeping emotions

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