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Windter AUTHOR Keno Mapp

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He child in and raised him as their own They taught him all they could yet realized one so destined needed than they could ever impart They named him Windter and took him to the Great Tree to learn his final lesson the lesson of LAST Windter climbed to the highest point of the Great

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Tree He sat above the world wide eyed and he understood how best to care for our Winds our Waters and our Lands So begins the new adventures of Windter a fable guiding us how to care for our earth and how beauty is only in the eye of the beholder And Yes that you too are so beautif

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After ueen Maza gave birth to her perfectly formed child in the Land called Beauty a land populated entirely be deformed characters she and King Shrine were ordered to cast the child out of the village Tears fall for the first time in the land of Beauty The Wind and the River took t

About the Author: Keno Mapp

Keno Mapp a is very positive artist who's message of pure love and peace has moved many on our earth He is also the lead singer of the Rock band Heart Touch a long time music collaborator and performer with The Vau de Vire Society as well as the author of the critically acclaimed Inspirational Poetry book “Senseless Murder” which collates with his music CD World War PeaceHis children's

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