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  • iBoy AUTHOR Kevin Brooks
  • Kevin Brooks
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  • 05 February 2019
  • 9780545317689

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iBoy AUTHOR Kevin Brooks

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They're having an extraordinary effect on his every thoughtBecause now Tom knows sees and can do than any normal boy ever could But with his new powers comes a choice To avenge Lucy the girl he loves will he hunt down the vicious gangsters who hurt her Will he t. Tom is eking out an existence in a drug addled London housing project when an iPhone is thrown from a 30th floor of his building hitting him on the head and embedding fragments in his brain The same people who threw the phone are also responsible for the gang rape of his friend Lucy His whole being is now hooked up to the internet and he is able to shock people just by touching them Feeling that his powers may not last long he attempts to find out who attacked Lucy and bring them to justice a uest that takes him all the way to the very dangerous drug overlord of the area who has a horrifying connection to Tom's familyStrengths Brooks is a phenomenal writer who can make the gritty realities of life vivid than anyone I know The combination of inner city gang wars and technology were riveting Gave this one to Surly Teen Boy to readWeaknesses F bombs all over the place so not for middle school especially with the rape of the friend I was somewhat surprised; one of the things I liked best about Candy was that the language and situations were circumspectly covered

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Ake the law into his own electric hands and exterminate them from the South London housing projects where by fear and violence they ruleNot even his mental search engine can predict the shocking outcome of iBoy's actionsA WiFi WTF thriller by YA master Kevin Broo. This book totally blew me away I have this book for years now and was like ‘if i ain’t gonna read it now i will not ever’ so i picked it up this month And i have no regrets This is one i am going to recommend to a lot of people Can’t wait too see the movie on netflix

Free read iBoy AUTHOR Kevin Brooks

What can he do with his new powers and what are they doing to himBefore the attack Tom Harvey was just an average teen But a head on collision with high technology has turned him into an actualized App Fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain And. I’ve never really been technological I mean I can use a computer I can use a phone I can use a Kindle Sometimes I kind of link them all together if I’m feeling particularly frisky one dayBut when people say that they prefer Windows to Apple I zone out I don’t know whether I’m a Mac or a PC The adverts meant nothing to me except omfg it’s Jeremy and MarkI mean if Jeremy is a Mac and Mark is a PC then surely they’re both as awesome as each other Do I have to choose between them I don’t want to No I refuseWhat’s Super Hans Let’s face it I’m going to be whatever he isIn all seriousness though I cannot believe that this book was written by the same author that wrote Naked which was such an excellent book that I can’t recommend it enoughThis book was I don’t know I can’t even say it wasn’t what I was expecting because it was basically exactly what I was expecting A boy is standing under a block of flats and someone throws an iPhone off the 30th floor and it embeds himself into his head When he wakes up from his coma he discovers that his brain is now aniBrain Brooks’ words not mine Needless to say he’s not an ‘App y chappyGeddit AppyNever mindOK so first up I’ll talk about the idea I’m OK with suspending my disbelief when I read books A fact I feel that was proven by me actually picking up this book I understand that this story will never and could never happen If I wanted to read a book where the science was 100% and everything was believable I probably wouldn’t have chosen to read a book where a boy turns into an iPodwould ISo I was OK with this and I was uite happy to read a story where everything was left a bit up in the air Unfortunately it seems Mr Brooks wasn’t There were times when this story descended into a bit of an instruction manual and it left me completely lost and it managed to yank me out of a story that I was actually really involved in There was absolutely tons of info dumping And I’m not saying that in the way that most people mean it with huuuuge chunks of descriptions about a fantasy world just in case you missed that point where the author was being really clever I mean actual info dumping There is part of the iPod instruction manual in a chapter I’m not even jokingI did try and understand the mechanics again literally of what happened to Tom butI mean OK I get that he can hack into people’s phones and bank accounts and stuff but how can he create a forcefield around himself Have I just got a crap iPhone that doesn’t do that I have to admit it would be handy Anyone who was annoying me I could just be like “Oh one sec someone’s ringing me” and I’d whip out my phone and ZAP right in the faceThe I tried to understand the delirious I becameOne of my notes is actually “LOLOL But why doesn’t he electrocute himself in the shower”The thing that was most frustrating about this book was that I know how brilliant Mr Brooks is at writing a great and engrossing plot He did it in Naked and to some extent he did it with iBoyIf you took away the iPlot and the zapping this book would have been so good Seeing the gangs of South London and all the horrifying things they do through Tom’s eyes wasn’t always easy Mr Brooks has this way of really getting into the story into the characters’ psyches and you can be reading it hand over your mouth thinking “No he’s not going to go there” and guess where he goes ThereAnd I love that about him because even though it was uncomfortable and it was realistic and brilliantBut then iBoy got involved and zap zap zap and I don’t know it just really took something away with it I won’t go into all the gritty details of what happens in this story but it’s so sad and so horrifying and the iPlot seemed to trivialise it almost Which is crazy because I know that Mr Brooks can write emotions and darker subjects with subtlety and tact but this one was just way too muchAlso for extra iLOLZ this main event of this story happened the day before my birthdayYou may be thinking why I carried on reading this book if I didn’t like it at all and that was because of the characters When Tom was Tom and there weren’t any lowercase is lurking anywhere he was brilliant The perfect balance between hero and regular kid I really wanted to get to know him and not iBoy And of course I loved Lucy What a little sweetheartAlso Gram was BRILLIANTI so wish this had been a contemporary book because I know that it would have been unforgettable instead of being memorable for all the wrong reasonsiDisappointedAnd omfg there’s a new series coming soon Who’s excited

About the Author: Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter Devon England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician gasoline station attendant crematorium handyman civil service clerk hot dog vendor at the London Zoo post office clerk and railway ticket office