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    Kevin Rau writes some of the best action seuences going and the last two thirds of this book is packed full of them even heroes die view spoiler Shame about Big Man I would like to have gotten to know him better hide spoiler

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    It was a good read Like all the HERO books full of action With the team work in this one and also finally fillingbsome gaps we were missing While at the same time opening a new can of wurms full of uestions As a fan of the series I would recomend this to anyone

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    I thought this is the best book in the series so far

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Incursion HERO #10

review Incursion HERO #10

The Gahranii send an envoy to Earth in search of its leaders Borgz ever in search of new bodies and weaponry stumbles across an alien probe in one of the asteroids near Earth He accidentally sets off a signal to the owners who come to the solar system to scout why an ancient probe of theirs is now acti.

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Ve Finding an enemy species the starships fight and the hostile alien vessel speeds to Metrocity in an effort to head off negotiations between species This sets off an incursion of aliens in Metrocity and the heroes are caught in the middle Sparks helps thinking one of the starships is the pirate vesse.

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L holding a friend of hers and ends up working with one of the groups of aliens in an attack on the other ship to retrieve her friend Unwilling heroes aid in the defense of the city and heroes die It's a rough night as heroes find some of the aliens to be powerful than anything they've seen to this poi.