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Ry to vivid life in beautiful four colour illustrations and makes the story accessible to a whole new generation of readersTaking us from Afghanistan in the final days of the monarchy to the present day The Kite Runner is the story of the unlikely and inseparable The Kite Runner

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An international publishing sensation that dominated the New York Times bestseller list for than two years The Kite Runner has touched millions of readers worldwide Now the graphic novel adaptation with text by author Khaled Hosseini brings this unforgettable sto I read The Kite

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Friendship between a wealthy Afghan boy and the son of his father's servant both of whom are caught in the tragic sweep of history Powerful illustrations breathe new life into a beloved story and heighten Hosseini's portrait of a stark and heartbreaking landscap sorry but i thi Search for the White Moon portrait of a stark and heartbreaking landscap sorry but i thi

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    I can’t believe how sad this story is Now I really have to read the novel because there has to be MORE More wonderful moments of true friendship between Amir and Hassan More detail on the conflict between nations More harrowing moments too This story moved me greatly and I may have shed a tear if things didn’t evolve as uickly as they did In a way it’s a good thing they did because my interest never faltered and I was able to read this in one sitting But stillI’m not fond of the art but that’s just me I also wanted to know about the Afghanistan in the 20th Century but I understand that a graphic novel is not always able to provide us with large detailing and description and explanation without becoming tedious This is why I strongly want to read the novel Plus it’s a classic and I believe that classics need to be read It’s not like their inventory can expand over the years At least not in my opinion

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    As if the words were not enoughComes a graphic version of the story that still haunts my dreamsI can bet you all the money that I have ever had that the imagery of Khaled Hosseini's debut work would not have deserted your soul The sorrow and the warmth of the closing pages should and would be as much a part of your consciousness as it is mineNow putting together the brilliant work of the author along with the picturesue drawings of this book casts a spell over youThe bond of friendship between the two young people now develops magically in form of colors and sketches in front of your eyes Their frolicking is captured by the realms of creativity that even an illiterate can readImagine reading braille your entire life and being able to read the words that you touched or to say they touched you No book has left a deeper mark in my soul in the last decade as this one The artwork draws you over and though there are words they are superfluousNot needed even if you have not read the book But thou shalt know that if you have not read this work a part of your heart is locked away which disentangles itself free somewhere within these pages Opening this book felt like what it must feel for a blind animal to see for the first time It can not say a lot bar his limited sounds But what it can say or rather communicate is that the world is beautifulAnd this is what my review of this graphic adaption will say The world of two brothers is beautifulThe kind of beautiful that we all seek Broke my heart a thousand times overI will still come back for us to be closer

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    I read The Kite Runner in July 2011 and when I discovered it had been made into a Graphic Novel I really wanted to read it too The illustrations are exuisite the detail is wonderful and I loved it just as much as the paperback The Kite Runner Graphic Novel is about a young boy Amir the only son of a popular entrepenuer growing up in a wealthy part of Kabul Afghanistan who betrays his childhood friend and later has a chance to redeem himself As his father's best friend Rahim Khan said 'There's a way to be good again'Amir grows up with Hassan the Hazara servant boy whose father Ali grew up with Amir's father Baba Hassan's mother left as soon as he was born and he endured taunts and bullying all of his young life especially for being Hazara Amir's mother died in childbirth so both boys hadn't known their mothers both being raised by their fathers Amir loves to write stories and knows his father is disappointed in him plus he's jealous when his father shows affection toward HassanHassan is the best kite runner in the city The boys play a kite flying game in winter; it is a huge competition and is held every year The strings are coated in tar and cut glass and they deftly fly them so that their kite cuts the strings of other boys' kites The winner is the last kite in the airAmir wins the kite flying tournament in 1975 and sends Hassan off to retrieve the last cut kite Hassan devoted and loyal to Amir runs off saying over his shoulder 'For you a thousand times over' Winning the tournament means everything to Amir for Baba will love him now But Amir witnesses something terrible when he is looking for Hassan after the running of the kite but he does nothing says nothing He discovers he is a coward unable to help Hassan as he has always helped him He chooses his father's attention and love over Hassan's loyalty and friendshipThere were many things to love about this book It begins in the 70s when Amir is about 12 and follows him through to 2002 about a year after September 11 The Kite Runner reveals how relatively simple their lives were before the Russians entered the scene and how the Taliban were welcomed at first because they got rid of the RussiansHosseini shows the human side of Afghanistan before the Russians came then the Taliban He paints a picture of Kabul full of mulberry and pomegranate trees green grass playing fields and parks markets full of the spicy aroma of kabobs young children carefree and happy plus a tightly knit communityFor anyone who hasn't yet read the original novel or this graphic novel I urge you to do soyou won't regret itEDIT I have just re read this wonderful little graphic novel and my thoughts remain the same I think the illustrations are delightful and the story heartbreaking I highly recommend The Kite Runner in both the novel form and this one and although graphic novels aren't really my thing I'm happy to have read this one

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    Wow Just wow This was definitely the most emotional graphic novel I've ever read and while I loved it it hit me pretty hard Someday I will need to read the actual book version But wow Maybe in awhile

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    The Kite Runner is one of my favorite novels; so I purchased a copy right away when I saw this graphic novel of the said book in a local bookstore here I even watched the movie adaptation which was released on 2007; and applause to both the movie and this graphic novel because they followed the storyline of the book All the important events in the novel was not missed in these adaptations and that's what make them worthy to watch and read If you are a fan of Khaled Hosseini fond of graphic novels or if you just love the story of Kite Runner this is a must have copy to be included in your collection

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    Okay so I did not expect this to be a whirlwind of terror and emotions YEAH I'M BAD Most people know what a book is before going into it but I'm like Omg that is a famous book I shall read it Ahem So I saw this in the library and thought I'd try the graphic novel firstand also because graphic novels are freaking awesome AND I LOVE PICTURESand it definitely made me want to read the actual novel now IT IS SO SAD THOUGH It's really gritty and the story is dark and 'scuse me TEARS I haven't ever read a graphic novel this darkThe art was also fantastic I LOVED IT And it was so emotional Omg when those kids started crying I WANTED TO START CRYING But I didn't Because VulcanSo the story is set in the Middle East about the life of Amir and how he has a friendservant named Hassan It's about kiteskind of? Like that's in the beginning but Amir also moves to American and ALL the stuff goes down Of which I'll say naught because spoilers duhI really didn't like Amir though He was all Oh Hassan you're my best friend But Amir was still a spoiled kid and really didn't look beyond HIMSELF And I hate that It's probably the thing I hate most when reading books ERGH HUMANS LOOK BEYOND YOURSELF ALREADY Note this doesn't make it a bad book of course But yeahI really couldn't stand Amir's naivety even when it was happening in front of his own eyes Then there's a tRAGEDY And Amir and Haasan's friendship is changed forever I did like how it was about friendship even though it was a crummy friendship tbhBasically I was entirely hooked while reading it Usually I flip and see how many pages I have to go etc etc but HERE I WAS GOBBLING THEM UP It was an excellent story and totally sucked me in Although I don't really understand how they cut kite strings with other kite strings??? I'm sure the actual book would explain Of which I need to go read it

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    No I haven't read the original novel at the time of me writing this review but the graphic novel itself was both harrowing and thought provoking sometimes difficult for me to read due to the subject content Set mainly in 1970s Afghanistan the story follows two young boys called Amir and Hassan Both of them bond over the love of kites and wanting to win a kite fighting tournament However their world isn't safe due to the threats of war and violence Amir leaves life in the Middle East behind and escapes to the USA for safety He writes marries but suddenly he has to make the travels back to his home country for redemption Some of the illustrations are uite graphic in violence there are trigger warnings for rape blood bullying etc Both of the illustrators however did bring the characters to life which made my reading experience interesting

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    I've got to read the actual book

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    sorry but i think i am the only one who did not enjoy the graphic novel as much as everyone else I love the book and i feel like the graphic novel did not do justice to the actual book It lacks emotions and the plot is rushed Although the graphic novel follows every essence and every basic plot of the book it lacks the minor details that made the book all the interesting So if u think the graphic novel is amazing trust me the actual book is a thousand times better The artwork is pretty anyway

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    Actual Rating 45 Childhood StarsOH MY GODOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGIt broke my heart reading this book but it also opened up my eyes about other people struggles in life for so long Whether it's physically or emotionally Hassan is such a wonderful boy He's brave loyal a good friend you want in your life After that unfortunate incident that had happened to him really broke me to pieces Amir its just you typical young boy who's eager to please his father all his life The stuff that he had done to Hassan after the incident really make me want to punch his in the fave but I understand because that's how he cope with his guilt cowardness BUT I STILL WANT TO PUNCH HIM IN THE FACEFast forward several years later where Amir his dad moved to the United State He finally made him proud living the life though occasionally thinking about Hassan Basically he's living in guilt all those years I really like Kaka Rahim character in this book because he's like a real family to Amir when he decided to go on with his life without curing himself by the end of the book really makes me sad With all the struggles challenges Hassan faced it still lead him to happiness although it was temporary I'm so glad that Hassan got to keep his legacy through Sohrab AND OMG ASSEF CAN JUST ROT IN JAHANNAM I TELL YOU HE'S A PIECE OF KHARA IF YOU ASK METhe moment when Sohrab tried to killed himself when he knows that he'll going back to another orphanage really get me He's been too much he's just a child Thank God that the travelling adoption went well because I was rooting for Amir Soraya Sohrab to be a family Finally Amir did something courages I'm really happy with the endingSince I love this Graphic Novel so much I'm thinking about reading the novel someday Brb still crying my eyes out

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