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10 thoughts on “زما ژونداوجدوجہد

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    I read this book both in Urdu and Pashto and if you can read Pashto script then I will suggest you to read it in Pashto language the reason is Urdu translation is oversimplified and hence lack continuity in textthis too was my first Pashto read and I loved it it was like listening to my elders Bacha khan baba had a way of explaining complex and taboo topics in the most convincing way its not just his biography rather he discussed almost every aspect of our culture he criticized outdated and unnecessary traditions weather its birth of children marriages death religious occasions and so on the best thing is this wasn't just verbal criticism instead he practically stood for his ideals every one refer bacha khan as a preacher of nonviolence but his services for spreading education among most backward people Pashtuns by opening schools through out the province is what I am most inspired of I would recommend this book to all those fed up with state propaganda calling him ghaddar traitor read it with an open mind you may disagree with his political ideas but you cant deny his social services

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    Somewhere around 1942 a reporter asked Gandhi How can one who has spent his whole life in fighting take to ahimsa with success ? answering him Gandhi given two examples first his mentor Leo Tolstoy and another was Badshah Khan A Pathan who embraced non violence in land where no man complete his attire without sword and gun Probably that time Gandhi also didn't knew that Badshah khan will struggle till very last breath of his life spending half of his live in Jail but never moved an inch from ideology of truth and non violence Also have one reuest to publisher this cover picture looks totally incomplete without Tolstoy

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    I want to read it only

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    i want to study the whole life of Bacha Khan

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    a very good example for the other side of story

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    wonderful book of great BACHA KHAN a true legend

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    I read this book in pashtoo I want read it in english also I am really impresssed from their ideology of non violence

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    I want an English pdf with text searchable

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    It is a pity I could not read it in the original language

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