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The Grace Year

review È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Kim Liggett

The wild so they can return purified and ready for marriage But not all of them will make it home aliveSixteen year old Tierney James dreams of a better life a society that doesn’t pit friend against friend or woman against woman but as her own grace year draws near she uickly realizes that it’s not just the brutal elements they must fear It’s not even the poache This had a lot going for it but the pace threw me off and it had one of my most hated tropesso a middle of the road 3 star is where we land It's smart; conventional enough of a plot that it's easy to sink right into the story but uniue enough that it didn't feel like another paint by number dystopian I might have uite enjoyed this as a teen

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Rs in the woods men who are waiting for a chance to grab one of the girls in order to make a fortune on the black market Their greatest threat may very well be each otherWith sharp prose and gritty realism The Grace Year examines the complex and sometimes twisted relationships between girls the women they eventually become and the difficult decisions they make in betwee The Grace Year opens like a mix of The Hunger Games and The Handmaid's Tale then shifts to a retelling of Lord of the Flies It's poised to be a feminist tale of sisterhood and euality but the protagonist who's a complete bonehead starts her journey with only male friendship and later isolates herself with another male companion The way she professes her love to him is by willingly sacrificing her dream of freedom and sleeping with him Not only is this a book whose themes miss the mark there are so many technical issues with the writing that it's impossible to enjoyFor a feminist retelling of Lord of the Flies that proves to be everything this book could have been check out Wilder Girls by Rory Power

review È PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Kim Liggett

No one speaks of the grace year It’s forbiddenIn Garner County girls are told they have the power to lure grown men from their beds to drive women mad with jealousy They believe their very skin emits a powerful aphrodisiac the potent essence of youth of a girl on the edge of womanhood That’s why they’re banished for their sixteenth year to release their magic into Four somebody hold the door please because I’m volunteer to get this bloody scary mind twisting and shouting terrifying not nail biter but whole arm biter making you addict to the anxiety pills but you’re going to need to taste your boundaries starsTHE INGREDIENTS TO CREATE THIS GRUESOME SMART WTH I’M READING TAKE THIS AWAY BUT ONCE YOU START YOU CANNOT DROP OUT BOOKTwo cups of “ Handmaid’s Tale”One table spoon of “Hunger Games”Two pinches of “Beach” and “Annihilation”And one cup of “ Lord of the flies”INSTRUCTIONS FOR CREATING THIS HEART THROBBING BOOKMixed them with anger frustration witchy spells pure magic violence And finally add some survival and combat skills harshness vulgarism mercilessness and as soon as it gets cold please serve it with feminism euality women friendship liberation For the French version it will be served with fraternite egalite liberte It can be better pair with thriller apocalyptic dark violent nightmarish book fansDon’t let pink cover fool you If you expect a soft chic lit about women’s journey please drop it before it gets glued to your hands If you’re not ready for this book as soon as you’re gonna want to finish it and you’re gonna start dreaming but I can assure you are not going to see a little girl in your dreams as like as our heroine didMy minority report for the charactersTierney James Mashup of Katniss Everdeen German TV series Dark’s parallel universe Martha the girl we saw at the last scene Michonne from `”The Walking Dead” Tough survivor problem solver smart pure feminist idealist skillful fighterRyker Avenger’s Clint Barton Jeremy Renner’s archer character meets Caprio’s Revenant character Hugh Glass at least Ryker doesn’t raw liver Protector loyal real good fighter healer He’s mysterious wounded man of his word but he’s also romantic guy who is ready to sacrifice himself for his love of his life TierneyMichael Noble decent guy is about to start his prestigious job reminds us of Mr Darcy Maybe it’s not fair to talk about him at the third place Because we don’t much see him on the book we see him at the beginning and the ending but he makes life changing moves and changes Tierney’s life completely so I have to mention himWRITING Smart fast paced surprising grippingCHARACTERS All those girls could give you nightmares They’re acting like incarnated Betty Davis and Joan Crawford They’re pure evil batshit crazy violent and ruthless Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest could be considered as a Disney princess if I have to compare those girls with herENDING A good one at least there is no total massacre or elimination It was bloodless bullet less wound less Gives us hope and soothes our anxietyWHY I CUT THE ONE STAR It was chaotic fast pacing thriller but as soon as I reach at the middle of the book romance parts didn’t suit so well but the horrifying and severe parts of the book And I’m so pissed off that one of the worst villanelles didn’t get what she deservedThe love triangle was not necessary for me It doesn’t count as triangle because two men never meet or cross with each other This book might have stayed as manifesto of women’s uprising to decide their own destiniesBut still it is a good try well crafted capturing story and I enjoyed itSpecial thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for sending me ARC COPY exchange of my honest review

  • Hardcover
  • 416
  • The Grace Year
  • Kim Liggett
  • English
  • 01 November 2017
  • 9781250145444

About the Author: Kim Liggett

Kim Liggett originally from the rural midwest moved to New York City to pursue a career in the arts She's the author of Blood and Salt Heart of Ash The Last Harvest Bram Stoker Award Winner The Unfortunates and The Grace Year Kim spends her free time studying tarot and scouring Manhattan for rare vials of perfume and the perfect egg white cocktail