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R good For a crime that may or may not have been self defense Take a look into the Dixie Mafia After finishing this novella you decide Is it real or fictionLook for the complete novel Colts Cadillacs Conseuences Coming soo.

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He's in charge of bootlegging gambling and any kind of illegal sales in the completely dry state of Alabama With the help of a crooked Governor her first incarceration is cut short but will evidence finally put her away fo.

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If you can't hear a gunshot did someone really dieDive into published author Kim Karter's Bullets Bourbon Brass for a Southern tale spun from an honest perspective Meet Jackie Dawson nicknamed The Kingpin for good reason S.

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About the Author: Kim Karter

Kim Karter is a born and raised Southerner Her work depicts the macabre and uirks of the South from an honest perspective Look for her short stories in Folly Dew on the Kudzu and New Voices in Horror Her novella Bullets Bourbon & Brass is available on and Barnes and Noble She resides in Muscle Shoals Alabama with her family german shepherd and an orphaned fox named Todd That's

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    I normally read YA books and this book threw me out of track I had never read a Southern Fiction book before and man I was left gasping for air This book is heavy reading and by heavy I mean it is extremely fast paced with lots of characters with a lot of action and a lot of things going on The author stays true to the uniue writing style of that era; I'm guessing the 1960's to 1980's I had to stop myself and read a couple of pages again because I was just getting confusedI know It happens uite often Kim Karter writes extremely well her scenes are richly descriptive and the dialogues are so realistic and alive that it felt like the inside of one of those southern bang bang style movies Her main character is Jackie Dawson and she runs an illegal business in Alabama she gets in trouble uite often and has escaped a long holiday term in jail once but the odds are not in her favourMy personal opinion is that I didn’t get to understand the characters really well I mean their deep motivations in some moments the story was running so fast that I felt like I was missing something or didn’t fully understand the story Kim said this is only a preuel so I am hoping that in the following book we get to know her characters as she develops their story in a singular way

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    With Bullets Bourbon Brass Kim Karter writes a story that immerses the reader in a bygone era of Southern Swag The Kingpin Jackie Dawson loves booze her girl Lilly Ann and is apparently appealing to everyone except the Whites a rival bourbon making family The story is fast paced and never lets up This is both its strength and its weakness Since it is only a novella I did sometimes have a hard time connecting to Jackie or getting much of a sense of who she was but that was due to the short length of the story than to any error on the author's part For a Yank like myself the pure South language detail and mood apparent throughout this story was a treat for my Northern sensibilities I also thoroughly enjoyed the addition of the secondary characters like the crooked Governor and Mattie the ex military sniper transvestite boutiue owner Yep you read that right Kim Karter's writing is uirky lively and uniue Check this one out for yourself

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    A really enjoyable novella and my first ever kindle purchase and read Thanks Kim

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