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Her office with her most interesting case yet his world threatens to turn hers upside down He needs her to find out who is sending him anonymous money and what the truth is behind his dead fiancé’s demise If his case weren’t complicating her life enough local crime lord Gino Salito has taken an intere Michelle Mott know

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Blood may be thicker than water but family isn’t necessarily who you’re related to In this suspenseful mystery with a romantic twist we follow Private Investigator Michelle Mott on her most exciting case to date Wisecracking Mott has been a loner since her parents died When Daniel Cardinale walks into Mystery Murder and

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St in Mott Mott’s empty life begins to fill up with an unexpected and rag tag group of people and she’s afraid her dangerous life will take them away leaving her alone once again In truth it’s Mott’s life that may be the one at risk She’ll have to hope that blood isn’t always thicker than water This Book Was Give Dahlia Black up with an Dahlia Black: A Novel unexpected and rag tag group of people and she’s afraid her dangerous life will take them away leaving her alone once again In truth it’s Mott’s life that may be the one at risk She’ll have to hope that blood isn’t always thicker than water This Book Was Give

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    Mystery Murder and FamilyI thoroughly enjoyed this book Once I started reading it I could not put it down I love a book in which action is happening from the beginning and does not let up until the end PI Michelle Mott is a smart tough self employed woman who lived a somewhat lonely life outside of her small one person PI business That is until Daniel walks into her office and hires her to find out who has been sending him a large sum of money every month What on the surface seems like a fairly easy mystery to solve becomes complicated and deadly And suddenly a lonely PI's life is jam packed with interesting characters including her client Daniel who is somewhat naive and clearly smitten with Michelle his housekeeper who cares for Daniel than Daniel's own family a starving homeless teenager who desperately needs help a teenage hacker who is a genius at what he does and a notorious mob boss who everyone is afraid of Sometimes family is not your blood relationships it's the people you accept into your lives that you make a relationship with This book has a lot going for it I loved the characters and how their lives entertwined I loved the unraveling of the case itself and its ultimate resolution This is a fantastic book it is not just about murder and mystery but about family and relationships loyalty and support It is about giving yourself to other people and having it returned ten fold to you But the cherry on top of the cake is this is not a mushy feely type of book Michelle is tough and snarky and sarcastic I had many LOL moments when she put people in their place particularly when those people were big enough to kick her butt Truly an enjoyable read

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    Michelle Mott knows she has a dangerous job and this time her snooping around might just get her killed She has been beat up and stabbed in the past yet her persistence to dig and find answers for her clients is an indescribable high She is definitely an adrenaline junkieBeing hired by a handsome widower Daniel she needs to find out why someone is sending him a check for 5000 dollars a month The only major change in his life recently is that his young fiancée was killed in a car crash several months ago About a month after the accident the checks started arriving Michelle is convinced it is probably an insurance policy but when she finds out the checks are from a corporation with government ties she isn’t so sure The she digs the danger she finds herself in and that is just how she likes itThis is a romance detective kind of story The author did a great job with the details and made the reader feel a connection to Michelle A feel good kind of adventure with a HEA ending yay 45 stars

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    This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest ReviewMichelle Mott is an adrenaline junkie Some of her PI cases put her life in danger That is what happens the day that Daniel walks into her office He wants her to find out who is sending checks to him after the death of his fiancé When she digs deeper into the checks she finds out about some deep dark secrets that include Daniel's family and the Mafia The story line in this book immediately starts with action and does not stop until the end It covers so much than just the investigation Daniel hires her for It jumps from danger to action to romance and to discovering friendships Just when you think maybe you figured out something Kim changes it up The character development in this book was awesome You have Michelle who is a loner since the death of her parents She is a smart tough and compassionate Daniel is a very uirky individual that seems to act like a child sometimes but really has not been shown much love or friendship in his life But to make the book so much interesting there is a Mafia mobster a homeless boy a teen hacker and two adopted cats thrown into the story Everyone has a history and Kim does a great job of explaining it This story is so much than a mystery Everyone in this story learns the true meaning of friendship and love throughout the journey It does show you that blood is not always thicker than water Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official For information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite wwwfacebookcomNerdGirlcom

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    Michelle Mott is a private investigator with a tough shell After her parents died she’s been alone but when she is hired for her latest case her whole life will turn upside down Daniel Cardinale’s fiancée died in a car accident and he’s been receiving large amounts of money from an unknown source He hires Michelle to discover where the money is coming from and if Michelle can figure out what truly happened to his fiancée all the better Yet this case isn’t as easy as it looks on the surface and suddenly Michelle again has people in her life she’s not willing to lose and a mob boss who is very interested in her and this case Kim Mullican’s THICKER THAN WATER illustrates that family isn’t always the one into which you were born but the one you’ve made for yourself I loved all the characters especially Michelle Marty Gino and of course the kitties THICKER THAN WATER has solid character development and an intricate mystery I enjoyed every bit of this story and I hope we see of PI Michelle Mott and her friends in the future

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