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Hello friendChildren love to learn and are always figuring things out about themselves and the world around them An

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  • A Trip To The Hospital
  • Kim Watson
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  • 19 June 2019
  • 9780439366434

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    Genre Fictional Picture BookReading LevelFluent This book is Fluent because it has paragraphs on each page of the book The font is very small and changes locations on every page The story also has words that may be hard for younger children to readsuch as whimpered flinched and dinosaurTopicfacing fears first visit to the doctorCurriculum UsesIndependent ReadingSocial Issues This book deals with an African American family It is Little Bill's first trip to the hospital Every character in the book is African American Literary Elements This book has a lot of dialogue within it between Little Bill and the doctor The book has a major theme which is to make children feel comfortable with the hospital and realize it isn't as scary as it seemsText IllustrationsThe illustrations in this story will be very helpful to children The text in the book explains what occurs when you visit the hospital but the pictures allow them to actually see what it looks like The text illustrations will help children to feel better about going to the hospitalSummary This book is about Little Bill and his first trip to the hospital After Little Bill falls and hurts his arm he has to go to the hospital and get X Rays At first he is scared and nervous of what is to come but in the end he realizes hospitals are only there to help and there is nothing to be scared of Little Bill decides he wants to be a doctor and help people just like the doctor helped him

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    Good Read so children are not as afraid to go to doctor's office or any other health office

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