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The Truth About Family

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Leaving home wasn't hard for Erin McNulty and she had no plans to return Ever Until she gets a phone call The aunt who raised her has been killed in a car accident and her father Charlie is in critical.

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For answers But that's not the only answer Colin wants He needs to know whether he and Erin have any chance at happinessFor Erin coming home means learning the truth about familyand the truth about love.

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ConditionBack in her hometown police officer Colin Barrett informs her there was no accident someone was trying to kill her father Colin has no idea who or why Together he and Erin probe Charlie's past.

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    3 12 Stars Erin is a talented photojournalist and she loves what she does She'd thought she'd buried the demons from her childhood until she got the call from the police from her hometown A tragic car accident has taken her aunt's life and has put her father in a coma Immediately Erin feels remorse that she hadn't accepted her aunt's invitations to come home and now she's going home to bury her Colin is the police officer who is looking into the accident and the he digs the he's certain that someone deliberately tried to kill Erin's father Charlie and her aunt Erin's not too eager to discuss her father with Colin in fact she's outright refuses to even see him in the hospital Colin has his own personal troubles as a single father to a rebellious teen His daughter Danni has a lot in common with Erin and the two bond easily As Colin and Erin look into the accident they realize that it's all connected to Erin's own mother's death and the death of Caroline's husband than 30 years ago This is an emotional story of past secrets and how sometimes keeping them buried leads to only heartache Colin and Erin make a great couple Danni is a nice complement as a secondary character allowing Erin to face her demons through Danni and Colin's turbulent relationship Ms Van Meter's debut is a balance of intrigue and romance She has a refreshing voice and I look forward to reading her other love stories

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    A well written heartbreaking story about family and all that entails both the good and the bad It is a story of various relationships new romantic ones as well as lifelong familial ones

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